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I’m finally DONE!



Oct 5, 2017
My journey began October 13th, 2017. I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed and to fix my remaining teeth. Only 9 were able to be saved and while capping 3 of those I went into anaphylactic shock from the nickel (that we didn’t know at the time). I had to be in the hospital 18 days. At the age of just 18 I’d lost almost all my teeth.
It was work for months after that getting allergy tested, permeant crowns on, and planning for implants. In September of 2018 almost a year later, I had 10 implants placed in the front of my mouth. Those had to heal for 5-6 months and then in February of 2019 I got the healing abutments placed. That was a hard recovery, but soon I was back to feeling normal. Then the process got delayed. We had to figure out what metals were safe for me to use. In April 2019 one of my natural teeth failed and had to get pulled. I got the final impressions in July 2019. Then for months...nothing.
Finally in December we figured out the metals to use after doing an allergy challenge on my arm (pure gold and zirconium with porcelain on top) those had to get made. January 22nd of this year I went in to make sure the gold fit before the porcelain was applied. Then FINALLY yesterday, January 24th,2020 I got the permanent implants complete with crowns. This whole time I had no front teeth because the first partials I couldn’t tolerate the metal on them and the second ones made the plastic kept slipping off. It has been a long two and half year journey but finally I can say on the other side the pain was worth it. I made it!

Congratulations, you look happy and confident in your picture. Your journey is complete.
Thank you for sharing your story! Enjoy your new teeth, hope they serve you for a long, long, long time and don't give you any trouble.

Wow. love this picture!! The implants look lovely and love your smile, you really do look very happy! You are a testimony and inspiration to the rest of us going through the implant journey and the dental anxiety journey!!
Wolfsrule, this is absolutely fantastic and made my day! :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump:
Well done you and give yourself a pat on the back for the whole ordeal - it sounds like you had to overcome a lot of additional difficulties. I remember your first posts here and your questions around implants and it is a pleasure to read and see that things worked out nicely. :love:
I know this is old, but you look great and this is making me feel better about possibly needing more implants in the future. I need one currently.
Congratulations and amazing posts ❤?