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I’m finally going



Junior member
Apr 26, 2019
Hi, so i’ve had really bad dental phobia for a while. it keeps me up every night and i spend most of my days distracting myself from thinking about it however i can, i honestly think i might have some kind of ptsd. and i know i should probably see a therapist and i would but i can’t at the moment for a couple reasons.

so i need work done that i’ve been putting off for years because i can’t imagine sitting in that chair ever again.

i know it’s gonna take time, and i know it will hurt like hell physically and more so emotionally but i’m going to try my absolute best to book an appointment and show up because i really can’t keep living like this. i’m exhausted and i don’t want to spend every second i’m awake trying to forget how terrified i was at the dentist’s office and all the horrible thoughts i couldn’t get out of my head for weeks after it.

so right now more than anything i really just want someone to tell me that they’re proud of me for doing something as scary as that.
Hi sarako7,

you are indeed super brave for doing what you do! :)
There is a sense of “enough is enough“ in your post and you sound very commited. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to finally tackle this. This page, as you know, has a lot of useful advice about how to tackle dental fear step by step.
It sounds like you have found a practice you feel may be good with nervous patients and now you are trying to get yourself to book an appointment?

Btw. you‘re not too wrong with ptsd; there are scientists who suspect that dental phobia works like a form of a ptsd. Many people experience a sense of hypervigilance, terrifying dreams about past dental visits or dental visits generally and indeed avoid everything that could remind them of the past experience.

If I may challenge you about the notion of physical pain during the treatment: it doesn‘t have to be that way. The first priority of a good dentist is to make sure you will stay comfortable. When it comes to emotional pain, this journey will indeed bring up some painful emotions, but I am confident not only that you can do this, but also that it really makes you stronger.
Hi Sarako. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said . Sometimes we reach a point within ourselves mentally that we have just had enough of a situation and it’s time to try and tackle it. I think you’re really brave for getting to the point where you’re thinking about making an appointment. I’ve had a few really awful experiences that prevented me from going to the dentist for about 10 years. But I now make it absolutely clear that I do not want any surprises and need to be completely numb and would rather have too many injections than not enough. You are already taking control of this. Do you have a dentist already that you’re going back to , or are you starting out at a new place ? Keep in mind it’s up to you to consent to the treatment. Nobody can do anything to you that you don’t consent to. And if the treatment is causing you physical pain you are within your rights to withdraw consent and to stop the procedure. You can ask for more numbing medication or whatever you need. You are doing great and you’re in the right place for support! ?
Hi there! I can totally relate. I'm currently smack dab in the middle of treatment for the first time in almost 30 years. The thing that suprised me the most is how LITTLE pain there is with dentistry these days! I even had a front tooth root canal and have been able to handle everything (extractions and all) with just Tylenol and Ibuprofen! I'm so glad you decided to let us listen, and try to help when we can! I'm so very proud of you :)