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I’m really anxious that my crown needs looking ats



Junior member
Aug 17, 2023
All I know is that I had a root canal about 20 years ago and crown over the top? At the time I just said yes to whatever due to anxiety. This tooth has always had an unsightly blueish black line around the bottom, which was fine as not obvious. However over the last few weeks I have noticed the line get deeper and the gums receding a little (I’m approaching 50 so I guess that’s not so unusual. However this appears to have happened over the last month or so and now flossing is problematic around the tooth as i feel the gum presses onto metal when I do that and it is very uncomfortable. Is this something that I should be concerned About. Nothing is hurting F4F68AA0-7C71-4503-AC3C-ACDB9FAF49DF.jpeg

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