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I’ve never been to the dentist before, how do I go about it?



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Jun 7, 2022
It sounds really silly but I get a lot of anxiety talking to people through phone calls , to be honest it’ll still probably be a while till I even pluck up the courage to book an appointment anywhere as I’ve never been to a dentist before and it’s one of my biggest fears.
But most places I’ve looked at only seem to take phone calls, and I’m just very paranoid about saying the wrong things like what do you say to explain your situation/what you want over phone?? Worst case scenario is that I email instead I guess but do most places accept making appointments like this instead?? Just feels like there’s a lot more emphasis on calling is all.

On another note, I’m very paranoid of choosing somewhere that’ll make me more scared of returning, what do you look out for when trying to find a practice?

To sum up: I’m an incredibly paranoid person when it comes to scenarios I’m not used too and I’m incredibly terrified of being judged. I’m so sorry if these questions get asked too frequently.

In my view it is much more important to choose a dentist according to their personal and professional skills.
There are increasingly more and more dental practices which offer online booking, if not via their website then via Facebook or an electronic form.
In case you indeed need to make a call, aan someone else make the phone call for you?
Welcome Eggyolk :welcome:

I had only been to a dentist once or twice when I was a child and then that was it. It took me until I was 21 (now 26) to go again and I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. And I hated making that phonecall to make an appointment, and I could never make another phone all to make another appointment there.

So I didn't go for about two years, and then when I was ready to start again with a different dentist, I was relieved when I saw I could email them. I just sent a short email, to ask if they were taking on new patients and I briefly mentioned I was nervous and asked how they could help. I was relieved when they replied back. Honestly, I am so glad they don't mind replying to emails, as I think they know I won't ring unless I have to 😅

Maybe try having a search for dentists in your area, and have a look at their websites (if you can manage it) and just see if there's an email address and if there is, send them a short email asking if they're accepting new patients and how they deal with nervous patients.

Good luck 🍀
I'd suggest emailing them or either getting someone else to make the call. Good luck :)
@Eggyolk hi, I am a bit of an expert on choosing a dentist (between myself and kids, I’ve been to dozens... and I definitely have a preference on the type of dentist I like). I’m in the US and so I am not sure if this will apply to you and how your dentist offices are where you’re at.
But the “best” dentist imo are the family dentists, who’ve been in a business for +10-20years.
Small offices, only one dentist (w/ one hygienist and 1-2 assistants). simple webpages/none at all (w/o a bunch of pictures showing their “fancy” waiting rooms. The more plush/expensive the waiting room is the more it’s going to cost and the colder the dentists will be. Check the yelp/online reviews. If there’s a number of people saying how much they love the dentist and been going to him/her for 10YeArs are more, believe the reviews. Those are the good guys, the conservative dentists who won’t try to gauge you and take you for a ride. Lol they will also treat you with dignity and make you feel comfortable, as they’re more down to earth. Good luck, please make an appointment and get over this fear. Once you find a good one and address your fears and dental health, you can rest much easier.
@MAS0220 totally agree. It is all about the interpersonal relationship and in big practices, or business oriented practices, it is almost impossible to develop such a relationship.
I personally wouldn't dismiss dental practices with plush waiting rooms in the UK, but totally agree on the other points (small practices not chains, website not business-oriented) :). Having said that, dentistry overall tends to be far more conservative in the UK than in some other countries, so it's far less likely that someone will gauge you and take you for a ride. Great advice for finding a good dental office in the US, though!