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I am a newbie having full dentures top and bottom



Junior member
Jun 14, 2022
Perth West Australia
hi my name is mary as I write this I realize fear has held me back so much in my life I have always had trouble with my teeth, I was in a violent abusive relationship for 23 years of my life he paid for nothing the only time I had been to the dentist were for cleans and scales under the government which was very painful that was when I was a single mum in my Forties then ably 12 years ago my dad was dying from cancer and that time because of gums and wisdom teeth he paid about five thousand to have them removed and had partial dentures 3 teeth two bottom ones. And had problems getting the plate in and out. My other fear came from when I was young going to the dentist in the U.K. I was abused by a dentist. Well I am 64 now and have to get 20 teeth out and because married now we can afford it and will be sedated I feel so embarrassed I should of done something earlier but I am fearful of the unknown getting dentures and how it will affect my life I am praying for the better with no more pain or infection I am getting immediate dentures does that mean latter will get permanent ones I don’t know how it works will be getting surgery on the 9th August.
I'm 4 days post having my top teeth all removed in the chair & an "immediate denture" installed. I'm majorly annoyed that the Dental Service wasn't able to do both jaws at the same time, but there you go, I have to go through this all over again in a couple of weeks for the bottom half, but anything is better than dealing with teeth all snapped off at gums and the rest in woeful condition and beggars can't be choosers (Govt. Service). I bought my own immediate dentures after being on a waiting list for 4 years I think it was.

Just be firm with your Dentist AND General Practitioner when it comes to pain relief as it IS entirely possible to stay relatively pain free, have everything ready for when you get home and get those tablets in before the pain hits and stick to the rigorous schedule set down by the meds.
Dentists can only prescribe a minimal number of tablets, and are very loathe to prescribe ones people get addicted to. I have a friend who is a Pharmacist and spoke to him at length about my pain management - Ibuprofen, for break-through pain when on heavier meds is great for tooth & gum pain, but I can't take it unfortunately.

My Doctor, who's known me for years and knows I'm anti-drugs/tablets, was happy to prescribe me Targin (Oxycodone 10mg) which is slow release oxycodone, so a very serious painkiller, AND I use Panadol or Oxyndone 5mg (same'ish' stuff as slow release) for any breakthrough pain. I also rely heavily on Senacot laxatives when taking painkillers.

For me, staying pain-free, being kind to yourself by watching lots of movies, relaxing AND sleeping as much as humanly possible (very easy to do with the Oxycodone it makes you drowsy).
Don't be alarmed when for the first few days (they told me to leave denture in untouched for 3 days/nights) it smells and tastes like something literlly died in your mouth and that odour/taste oozes out from deep under your dentures - I had eaten crushed hard-boiled eggs and yoghurt and the stench & taste for the first 3 days will never leave my memory. I removed denture after 24 hours swished warm salt water around my gums, used diluted mouthwash in spring water (we're on tank water & I won't risk bacteria) and I clean denture in spring water several times a day. Bizarrely I still get a very weird salty taste oozing out, despite rinsing with mouthwash and spring water extensively, so have no idea where that comes from.

I got lucky with my immediate denture maker it fits like a glove with good suction and I was speaking perfectly from the moment they went in my mouth. I will be avoiding adhesive pastes as much as possible. Eating ... I'm not going to cause myself any pain whatsoever whilst I still have a jaw full of gaping, stitched, sore as hell holes to deal with, learning to eat and chew can wait.
Immediate dentures can last for 5-10 years, same as "permanent ones" depending on who makes them, their level of care and expertise and for $2.5k I would expect an endless supply of that.
Hi thankyou I am not looking forward to it I have to admit four days till e day I have been having pain on and off with my teeth some days alot of people can't see I need dentures as my front teeth look ok its only when you see down below my gums I have a gum desease and decay teeth on the sides of my mouth so can't chew very good so kind of used to pain .Just not looking forward to the blood as far as I know said noting about snitches as teeth are very loose the tarter is holding them in hate to say I have had gum desease all my life its inherited I never smile and I know my breath smells I always clean and use mouth wash suck peppermints so I know that's going to be good not to worry about that but other things I can't help to worry and scared going to see my dentist tomorr get script for med to relax me the night before because I know I won't sleep my surgery is at 1pm mentally trying to prepare .Thanks for this forum been reading before I went to see the dentist and gave me the courage to see him then found out I can't save my teeth so thankyou guys
@Mary64 How are you going after your teeth "clearance"? Did you get immediate dentures - checking the date you would be through it all and quite the Denture Professional by now :)

I'm now in the spot you were when you wrote your post, 4 days out from having final bottom jaw clearance and immediate denture in, oh joy, oh bliss. I'm finding the last Dentist I had was way below par in his techniques (compared to previous dentists I've had removing teeth, both Private and Government, where I don't expect overly much from the latter but have had excellent there as well) .... because of his extraction technique I'm now constantly pulling bone & teeth fragments out of gums as they work their way out .... have NEVER had this before, so it's a new experience.

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