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I am going to have my wisdom tooth surgically removed on this Friday!!


Jane Dorothy

Junior member
Jun 14, 2019
I checked with my dental that the anaesthesiologist will be there to give me sedation during the procedure. But I told them what if I have cold and I have sinus, they said not to worry as they might give me a breathing tube to assist me. I can't imagine what if I stop breathing or if my blocked nose are unable to take in oxygen?
You're getting sedated, not a general anaesthetic, it'll be fine.

Even if for some unforeseeable reason you had issues getting oxygen in, then there's an anaesthetist there to manage the situation, it's a routine part of their job to manage difficult airways (disclosure, my older son is an anaesthetist!)
Overall I am a healthy person. Meaning to say if I am sedated, I can't feel the pressure of the instruments? Will I need to count backwards for a normal conscious sedation?
Yes you can but you won't remember anything about it afterwards. Have a read of the IV sedation section on here.

No you won't need to do that.