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I am so sick and tired



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May 8, 2011
One of my front teeth snapped off a few months ago and I was determined to get it sorted at the time but as usual I ended up just ignoring it and pretend like everything is okay in some pretend world where I beleive I will just wake up and my teeth will magically of repaired themselves :(. Now the cavity in one of my middle front teeth seems to be getting worse, I am having constant nightmares of it falling or snapping out like the previous. I just feel like I am falling to pieces and I wish I wasnt so weak and frightened of every little thing :(

I feel so trapped with no way out even though I know what the solution is I refuse to help myself! I am only 25! My teeth are quite literally the burden of my life and they hold me back from been happy or from the things I want to do.

Rant over
You have to start slowly.
First find a dentist who is sympathetic.You can e mail several in your area and then see which sounds the best.It is always easiest for everyone if you are honest about your fears then they know what they have to deal with.

Missing front teeth are hard to hide !

If you make up your mind to beat the fear,start e mailing and see what happens.I am sure you will find help soon.Good luck.
Like Pippa says you need to find a dentist that you can work with, when you have e mailed explaining how you feel and what you are afraid of, or even phoned if you prefer.
Go through the answers and see which one's appeal to you then make the dreaded first appointment, the worry and fear you feel is much worse than this first visit, treat it like an interview and see how the dentist responds to you, if you feel he understands how you feel then give him a chance, if not leave and try the next one.

We all understand how frightened and hopeless things feel right now, but you really can get your dental needs treated with the right dentist.

I have just had to deal with the same problem in that I had to see a new dentist in Sept determined to have teeth out to get rid of them, to save myself the constant worry. I have since had a tooth removed a small filling and 2 root canal treatments, if I had been told in Sept I would have had this treatment, I would have bet everything I own that I would not do it.

You just need the right dentist to give you the encouragement and you'll be fine.

I wish you luck in finding a dentist. Once you have been it's easier than you think. :thumbsup:
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