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I am sooo freaking scared! Help!



Oct 25, 2012
So my first dentist appt in a verrrrry long time. I have 3 Broken Molars, a broken wisdon tooth. My front teeth are a mess. I have a partial denture right now for 3 of my front teeth, the other near by teeth's filling have all broken down and are dark, so they look awful. They Don't match at all.

I'm getting married in 2 weeks, and I am determined to atleast get the fronts taken care of. I have been fortunate to find a place that has a dental lab so they should be able to have crowns or another partial done 3 days before my wedding. I cant decide between crowns or just having them yanked and going with a partial for my 6 front teeth. I know they will all atleast actually match right if I just do the denture, but it's also hard to ask to pull teeth that can be saved.

Anyways, on to my fears, I have anxiety/panic disorder and like many, I'm afraid of the EPI in the shots. The shot never bothered me until I knew what was in it LOL. Funny how the mind works..... I did try Carbocaine the last time I had an extraction, it wouldn't numb me enough and I was already in such a panic when they had to give me the shot with EPI, I could'nt tell ya if it was me or the anesthetic making my heart pound. But in hind sight I survived the ordeal. I had no choice, I broke my front tooth of at the root. Couldn't walk around like that LOL. But I remeber how scared I was, and that's why I have not been back.

This time though, I have got to get through ALL of it. I'm tired of my teeth being a problem. So the plan is to deal with the front ones right before the wedding so I can have those pictures showing my beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. And then I MUST stick to a treatment plan. So hopefully you guys can help me do it. Any advice or coping tips would be great.

Hi firstly CONGRATULATIONS :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump:on your upcoming wedding. How lucky that you have found a dentist that is able to get your teeth fixed before your wedding.

If it were my decision I would choose to save the teeth that can be saved, in the long run you are better with your own if that is possible.

The decision you come to will be the correct one for you, everyone feels different. As for being scared, it is horrible and I do wonder how I get through appointments without having a heart attack, as fear can make you feel so ill, you do wonder how we get through it.

But the good news is we do get treatment, and we don't have a heart attack or any long standing effects from going, we can only improve our oral and general health by getting the treatment we need. I find if I just get myself there and then with a trusted dentist let them take over and guide me through what I need doing.

I wish you Good luck :clover::clover::clover: let us know how you get on. You will be fine and enjoy your wedding day with the confidence to smile with your new lovely looking new teeth.
Thank you for the reply. The guy that I'm seeing specializes in reconstructive dentistry, so if he thinks he can match the crowns, and I mean realllly match the crowns to my existing partial I will choose to save the teeth. If not, good riddance and good bye. LOL. I guess it's different for me since I have had a partail denture for so long in the front, it's gets to the point where I'm like whats the big deal adding a few more? Ya know? I have had serious isues with decay my whole life, from what my dentists have said was severe over crowding on my top teeth (my parents never got me braces). My bottom teeth aside from being a bit crooked are flawless aside from a Wisdom tooth that got shattered when I was hit in the Jaw playing football at the beach.

I appreciate the support, what will get me in the chair is just thinking about the gorgeous smile on my wedding day!
That is the best reason to be making the climb in the chair worth it. Only you can decide what is the correct choice for you, and whatever you do decide is the right choice. Your dentist sounds as if he cares and knows what he is doing. Take his advice and I wish you all the best :XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug:

To get there just put one wobbly foot in front or the other wobbly one :ROFLMAO:
Well Tomorrow is the big day. I'm in panic mode, but I WILL be going come hell or high water!

I have fully decided on just doing extractions and getting a new partial. I feel for me, that's the best option. Will probably try the non epi stuff again, see if it works this time. The last tooth was pretty infected, that may be why it didn't work before. I'm pretty sure aside from looking like crap these teeth are not.

Wish me luck, I will report back tomorrow afternoon to let you know how I did.

Meanwhile I will be :hidesbehindsofa:
I hope it went well, I look forward to hearing how you got on, good or bad :o:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
BOOOOM DID IT :) :) :)

Two crowns, which Im soooo nervous about becuase of all the decay, but he says we can drill through the crown later if I have a problem. Despite the decay, roots looked fine on x ray.

I even used the shots with EPI!!!! The Mepivicaine, just wont numb me enough. The dentist still feels I may want to start trying valuim, but once I settled down I was fine the whole time. My pulse was pretty fast for the first few minutes but I never had the urge to run for the hills.

So he does want to extract my front tooth next tuesday (it's actually fine, but we discussed it will never match due to the shape even with a crown), Im getting a brand new partial which we did impressions for today. And let me tell you, get crowns done when you have an existing partial ANNNDD you need a new one. I have never had so many impressions in my LIFE LOL.

But you were right, the teeth I wanted out are called eye teeth. He said I need to save them. Important for chewing since I have no canines or front teeth.

But yup, I feel great aside from the massive gum pain LOL,
CONGRATULATIONS :cheer::cheer::cheer::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::cheers: I am so pleased for you. Well done :respect::respect::respect: what a happy and smiley wedding day you will have now :grin::grin::grin: have a wonderful day and future :cool:
So tomorrow at 10:30 Am I will be less my final front tooth and have a brand new smile. I'm freaking out again and I just dont understand why. I have been to this party before and with the success I had last week you think I would be calm about all this. Not at all!!!! I guess no matter how you look at it, extractions are no fun at all. They are painless, but it's just a scary mental picture having some one yank a tooth out. (Thank god we cant actually see what they are doing in there LOL)

Arrrggghhhh, lord give me the strength to get through this. :o

In case you can't tell, I heart dancing bananas! I am glad the appointment went well for you. And don't feel bad about freaking out about the next one. I ALWAYS freak out! I had a panic attack during the exam, and all the dentist was doing was looking.

It takes time. I've been going for about 6 months now and I still do the same panic song-and-dance every time I have an appointment looming. I hope your next appointment goes well, and you can always come on here to vent or ramble or blow off some steam if you need to. We'll all be here.:)
You know, I will probabaly always psyche myself out before appointments. I was fine after a few minutes the last time so I'm sure I will be okay this time. I'm glad he is doing fillings before my extraction though. It will give me a chance to settle down. I ALWAYS am in a full blown panic attack when I have teeth out. Lucky for me non of them have taken more than 30 seconds, so Im pretty sure tomorrow will be the same. I will post an update when I get home. Just gotta keep telling myself how great I will look!! :)
I hope it all went well for you and that you are feeling okay now. Just in case you don't find time to come and let us know how things are have the best WEDDING DAY AND SMILE LOTS :yayy::yayy::yayy::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::waves::waves::waves::waves::waves::waves::waves::waves::you-rock::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:
So sorry it took me so long to reply! Was just sooooo buisy with wedding preperations and all that fun stuff.

Everything went wonderful!!

So I have my perm crowns on now and all my top teeth fixed up. I pretty much have no real anxiety about the dentist anymore. I always will be a little nervous I think but I know I can do it and thats all that matters. It sucks that the mepivicane doesnt work and I have to use EPI, but my dentist is supppppeeerrrr careful with me. I have had no problems with it.

Next up is 5 fillings on the bottom, and then after the first of the year I have to get my broken molars and whizzies pulled (Thats the appt Im NOT looking forward to LOL) He wants do do it all at once, I said NOPE! One side at a time LOL. But after that I am finshed aside front a root canal and crown that I am desperatley saving money for. I refuse to lose anymore teeth.

My dentist is great though. I have come along way thanks to him and his wonderful staff.

Thanks for all the support here! I plan to stick around so I can help others. :)