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I am terrified, soooo terrified to go back to the dentist! I have had horrible experiences. One of which left me with bad TMJ.


Sarah coleman

Junior member
Dec 11, 2021
I am so scared to go back to the dentist..horrible anxiety. Had the worst experience when I was 18 and it left me with bad TMJ in my jaw. So it is also very painful to go to the dentist. Went a few times after and bad experiences as well. Haven't gone back since. I know I have alot of issues with my teeth. Can see black on a few and one is alittle broken. I need my wisdom teeth out as well. Just so scared of it, gives my panic attacks lately. I know I need to deal with this. Can someone talk to me please? Could really use some help.
Hi, Sarah: You are not alone! Bad experiences unfortunately do happen and they really scar us. I think your first step is to find a new dentist, preferably one who advertises as dealing with fearful patients. That will make a real difference in your next experience. Also, never be afraid to be clear about your fears and concerns. The key to a good experience starts with communication between you and the dentist about what you’re anticipating and what can be done to reduce your anxiety.

Honestly, the place you are at right now (and I’ve been there, too!) is the worst. It’s the pinnacle of fear and anxiety. It’s a horrible place to be. But here’s the good news…this too shall pass. As soon as you find a caring dentist, you will be able to deal with all of your fears and put them behind you. Really, it can happen! I encourage you to take the first step: search for a dentist who deals with dental anxiety. And keep coming back to this forum. We’re here for support and we’ll get you through this!
I am the same as I had a very bad experience 16 years ago. My friend recommended her dentist so I plucked up the courage and went. I had a RCT this week and although she hasnt been able to complete it for various reasons and has referred me to a specialist I can honestly say it was no near as bad as I was expecting. I told her about my previous experiences and she immediately understood my anxiety and was very calming throughout.
Hi! I’m new here but I know exactly how you feel! Just thinking about going to the dentist gives me anxiety. I (like most others) have had horrible childhood memories of the dentist. Just up until recently I have become more comfortable and finding a dentist I liked!! Sadly she moves and I have not been back in fear of the dentist who replaced her! Just like you I’m working up the courage to go back! But I agree with the other commenter! When you find a good dentist it makes a world of a difference!!
I totally understand your fear. I didn’t go since I was 18 or 19 either. And I’m 28 now. Recently went. It sucks but I know that going now is better than going in another 5 years. I did have some issues that need taking care of. I would be in way worse shape if I had waited longer

Anyway, many people on this site find that it is not as bad as they think it will be!

I think finding a dentist you’re comfortable with is key. I’ve also let dentists know I’m anxious prior to the first appointment and I could tell they were being extra gentle with me. I definitely recommend doing that!
I had to pluck up the courage to go back to the dentist after prior bad experiences. It wasn't as bad as I remembered. Dentistry has moved on a lot and they now have such different methods than they did.They are now more aware of patients being scared and needing special attention. I am waiting to see a specialist in root canals on Tuesday for a consultation and I am scared about what he might say but I have read his profile and know I will be in good hands.

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