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I can’t handle this pain



Jan 15, 2022
I’m in agony. Infection in Dec led to stage 1 root canal. Now have another infection and on more antibiotics.
I’m 99% sure my pain is coming from an impacted wisdom tooth.

I’m taking so many pain killers, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. My dentist won’t see me until Thursday when I have a check up booked.
I can’t get into a private one any sooner but even come Thursday I’m not going to be helped. Rct 2 not til end of Feb and if I get the ok to yank the wisdom tooth I need to start all over in finding a private dentist.

I’m in tears. Tramadol and morphine isn’t touching it.
Sorry to read about your pain. I think only a dentist who sees you in person can diagnose and help.
I'm in Toronto, and we have emergency dental clinics that are open evenings, weekends and holidays (when regular dentists are closed). Do you have anything like that nearby?
I’m in the uk.
I think I’m going to have to call my dentist
My wisdom tooth has just cut through inside of my gum.