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I can feel my heart beating in all my teeth???



Junior member
Dec 30, 2013
My dentist told me that my teeth were loose. He is sending me to a periodontist and I see him in a week. A couple days ago, I started feeling my teeth bump bump bump with each heart beat i have. all day long, keeps me awake, all night long, and repeat.
I do not know what that means. I am sorta freakin out though. Not trying to show it. I am afraid that I am gonna lose all my teeth. Of all the things that i have been through in life, each time I lost a tooth I cried for hours, sometimes days, and a week once...that one was my front tooth, so sad. My ex punched 4 teeth out of my face, nice guy right? grrrrr Now all teeth are loose and beating with my heart... what does it mean??


Steve In Cleveland

Steve In Cleveland

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Apr 10, 2012
Cleveland, OH (USA)
Just a little elevated blood pressure, probably from the stress of worrying so much. It's pretty common to feel your heartbeat in your finger, forehead, or any other place where blood vessels live. Your teeth have little blood vessels in them, and your attention is focused on your teeth, so you feel them throbbing.

Most people show up here convinced that they will lose all their teeth. The fact that you've been referred to a periodontist probably means the dentist thinks your teeth can be saved, if your gums are made stronger. We can't give diagnoses here, but I'd say things are probably better than you fear.

You've been through a lot of abuse and lost a lot, which sounds just awful. But it's not a hopeless situation. Teeth can be restored or replaced, gums can be nursed back to health, and smiles remade.

For now, just know that your dentist and periodontist are there to help you. And, you are in control of what procedures you choose to have done. No one's going to take your teeth without your permission, and you can always decline or ignore whatever procedures are recommended.

My advice would be to visit the periodontist next week, and hear what he/she recommends. Most likely it will initially involve something called a deep cleaning, which is a painless procedure that involves cleaning the roots of the teeth to allow the gums to adhere better and stabilize things.

Good luck with your appointment next week, and good luck with the waiting. The waiting really is the worst part.