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I can't believe I did it!!!



Junior member
Jan 19, 2007
Hi all!!! ;D

Sylvia here... I don't know if you remember my message about 3 months ago about my sheer panic at having some roots removed?
Well, I finally got up the nerve to go to the dentist for the next 2 root extractions. In total, I had 4 more roots to go plus me last wisdom tooth. I went in in sheer panic, as always! :scared:
Once she had removed the one root and wisdom tooth, she asked me if I'd be able to last thru the other 3... guess what? I figured that since I'd already had 2 removed from the same side, I might as well go full throttle! She ended up taking out all 5 (!!!) :hic: roots at once, and now I can honestly say that the ordeal is finally over!!! :grouphug:
I'm rather sore today, needless to say, but all in all it wasn't as bad as I had imagined.Now it's only one root canal to go, and then we start with the implants. It hasn't occured to me to go phobic over the implants, I can't wait to see the results after everything is over!
You must feel so proud of yourself, as well you should! :jump:
thats cool

but isnt it painful when the roots are removed?

and for how many days have you suffered the pain?
Well done, well done, well done. I'm envious. I've only just got to the stage of having first consultation to find out what needs to be done. Just hope I can post such a success story soon. :drool: