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i can't believe i did it!!!!



Junior member
Jul 17, 2008
;Dhey everyone! im 16 years old and just wanted to let you know that i had my 4 wisdom teeth removed this morning and i am completely fine! (if you look on the support page you can see just how scared about it, i was on the verge of panic attack!) last night i was really scared and looking back on it i think that the anticipation of it was the worst part. When i got to the office i was so scared i was shaking! then i went into the room with the dental chair and a really sweet lady took my blood pressure, put a little thing on my finger (i think to measure oxygen levels in my blood) and put some oxygen tubes in my nose. all of that was completely fine! no pain at all! then the dr. came in to do my iv. this had been the part i was dreading! he sprayed some really cold spray on my arm (which didn't make me panic because it didn't smell like the usual alcohol that is used for shots and usually brings back bad memories for me) and i do have to admit that i started to cry a little bit but by the time the first tear rolled down my cheek, it was over! the dr. was sooo nice about it and totally walked me through every step and when it might and when it was over. i don't even remember the stick of the needle! i just remember it felt like a paper cut on my arm for like 5 seconds. then he put something in my iv and all of a sudden i started to feel really dizzy. i literally remember looking to my left and falling right asleep! my mom said that my eyes were still open though and i got the hiccups haha! but i don't remember any of it! the next thing i remember was my dr. helping me outside into the car. i don't really remember the ride home but my mom said that i kept talking about how fun that was and how i wanted to do it again tomorrow hahaha!! then i came home and took some pain medication and changed my gauss. my mom helped me eat some pudding and i have been watching movies all day on the couch! i'm taking it pretty easy today! so i just thought i would share my experience! thank you so much to the people who responded to my post when i was so scared! it really helped! if any of you are scared and have any questions about the procedure please don't hesitate to ask! i know that answers to my most simple questions really helped me out alot so go ahead and ask me anything! i'll keep you all updated on how i'm doing afterwards!:jump:
great job;) I'm probably going to have to get mine out here in a year or so:o
That is awesome to know!!! Congrats. I am taking the leap this week and making some calls. A good friend of mine has said she will come with me to the appointments. Have a great day. Frog