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I can't believe it.. I actually... I ACTUALLY DID IT! :D



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Aug 1, 2011
So, looking back, I knew I was terrified of going. I was in hysterics all the way up to about an hour ago when we set off. I was edgey in the waiting room, pacing, wanting to go through the window and get out... I didn't feel nearly 17. I felt about 3.

But as soon as I got in there, I suddenly remembered. I'd changed dentists. And I sat down and I went through the whole thing, music bashin' in my ears (How DOES that work so well?! :)), making rather discomforting gestures all the way through to my dentist, and eventually amusing myself by doing the macarena to every song he put on. BUT I FINALLY SAT DOWN IN THAT CHAIR!!!! He stopped every time I asked, he answered every question, he was just fantastic! Nice dentists DO exist!

After a whole year of near-sleepless nights, terror attacks and just soulless giving up, I WENT! AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD OF MYSELF! IT'S OVER!!!!! :jump:

Thank you EVERYONE for your support! :) The phobia isn't gone fully, but I'm smashed a huge lump of it off, and it's all thanks to you guys and this website that I've taken any action whatsoever, against it.. And it's working! I can look at the dentist! I was even watching him working on me! It was amazing! After this post is done, I'm gonna go sleep off the anaesthetic (my mouth is all tinglyyyy xD)!

Huge thanks to everyone here, and a big ol' thwap on the back for everyone still suffering with the phobia. You guys are awesome, every single one of you, and you know it. :3

Now get out there and kick odontophobia's butt! :)
CONGRATULATIONS :jump: :jump: :jump: I can just hear how excited you are and I can picture you jumping up and down. What a lovely thread for anybody that hasn't yet been to a dentist to read.

Nice dentists certainly do exist I have one too.

CELEBRATE :) :) :)
Congratulations! I'm super happy for you! The dentist really makes all the difference in the world sometimes. I know what that's like heh. I'm a prideful person but I can only hold in my emotions for so long before they break the threshold, which happened like what you were saying as you were led down to the room. I did the same things. It's a great euphoric feeling after you finish that appt. I'm glad we can share these successes with each other. Not only is it great for us but for those unsure lurkers it is encouragement. :)

Good job!
That's fantastic! Isn't the feeling just amazing? ;D One step closer to beating the fear entirely!

I'm glad you had a great experience. I wouldn't have been able to make it through my dental work if it hadn't been for the amazing people here, either.