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I can't tell if my Temporary filling has worn away too much.



Junior member
Dec 10, 2013
I had my second stage of my root canal done last Thursday, since then quite a bit of my temporary filling has worn away to the center of the tooth, it is an off white color but I can see specs of a brighter white in it. I called the endodontist office today and the receptionist said it was fine as long as I could still see some of the temporary filling and I am not in pain. However I am afraid that its worn to much and the root canal will be exposed before my dentist puts the final restoration in. Does anyone have any thoughts. I tried to take a photo that is below, its not great, but the best I could get. Thanks.IMG_00001040_edit_edit.jpg
Here is a better photo of my tooth (note it does have a silver filling in the front of the tooth.IMG_8363.jpg
Hi Sashabou,
the filling looks ok still so no need to panic.
You're right not to want it to wear down too much so you should arrange for the final filling (or better still crown or onlay) to be done sooner rather than later.
What's the normal amount of time between a root canal and final restoration? Is it ever too soon? My dentist said something around 2 weeks.
as soon as possible once you are confident the abscess has settled.
2 weeks sounds ok