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I desperately need some advice. Really scared.



Apr 7, 2017
Hi I am new to this forum.

Last weekend I was a victim of an attack which resulted in 3 of my bottom incisors being knocked out and two were put back in and splinted. I immediately got an emergency appointment the following day and my dentist checked them and filed them down a bit (resulting in me being able to move my lower jaw forward freely) but now they seem to be sitting to high up in my gums again! I can barely manage to eat because they clash with the back of my front ones.

I used to be so scared of going to the dentist but now I can't wait for next week to go and see them again. What can be done about this? I am actually beginning to think they never should have been put back in. Thanks in advance for any replies!
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Jun 24, 2015
Hi Anthony - First, I'm sorry you were attacked.

Regarding why you're having issues with the teeth that were recently treated, your best bet is to call the Dentist who treated you with the questions you have. I'd imagine that swelling would be normal response to losing teeth and having them splinted/re-implanted and swelling can contribute to the feeling that these teeth are "high". Or they're working their way out of the gums as your body is rejecting them...?

Did you manage to contact your Dentist after you wrote this but before the weekend began?