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I desperately need some advise, I'm scared and in pain



Nov 19, 2009
I have been in pain with toothache since Thursday night (Saturday now)
Yesterday and today under/along my jaw has been swollen near the bone on the right side.

I have never had anything like this (I've had toothache on that same tooth before, but this is a different level and it's lasting days), I'm crying right now because I'm scared and the pain doesn't help. I can barely eat because I can't chew without feeling pain, the slightest bit of pressure on that tooth causes me pain. There is a big hole in that tooth, and early last year a tiny piece of it broke off near the inside.

My mom is booking the dentist for me as I write this... but I'm so terrified. I don't know what to expect but pain, pain and more pain when I go.

I don't know what to do.

You should not ignore swelling. It needs attention. I would advise you to go to an out of hours GP (A&E) or emergency dentist depending what is available in your area at the weekend, with a view to getting antibiotics to help bring down the swelling and kill the infection rather than wait till after the weekend.
If the infection has calmed down it is then easier for the dentist to numb your infected tooth for comfortable painfree treatment.
Don't delay, get immediate help.

I'm sorry to hear that you're in pain, I know how bad it can be, toothaches are no fun!

The good news is that the way you describe it, the problem will be easy to find for the dentist, which means you won't have to sit in there for very long while they try to figure out which tooth it is.

You'll get local anesthetic if they're going to do anything with your tooth, this is usually very effective, so it shouldn't be painful for you.

Definitely go to the appointment, I've been to a couple of emergency dental appointments. Even if they were no fun, they weren't painful, so no need to worry about that, at least. And they can do stuff to teeth like yours that can relieve the pain fast. Toothaches are generally very treatable.

In the meantime: ibuprofen will help for the pain, and is the best OTC pain reliever for tooth pain. If it hurts to chew, eat soft food. You might have problems with hot/sweet/sour food, so avoid those.

Good luck!
The thing I'm most worried about is her poking the centre of the tooth with some kind of instrument and causing me a sharp jab of pain, that's the thing I'm most worried about. I'm not really scared of needles so I'm good there, I think...
What I don't want to do in there is begin crying because of the pain... I don't want to ruin my eye makeup. :p As you might tell, I'm in a better mood right now. It's moments like these where I wish I was at the dentist right this second. The pain has subsided a little and I think the swelling has gone down a little as well... at least I hope it has and I'm not just trying to convince myself it is better, since that is the scariest part of this for me.

I have been able to eat (though still avoiding foods that require too much chewing) so that has also helped I think. It's weird though, you would think I would have trouble with certain temperature foods or sweet foods because of this, but they don't bother me at all really.

I think the worse I feel, the worse going to the dentist feels like. I would visit the dentist sooner if I could, but my father isn't back until Monday morning.
I just hope she is friendly and goes easy on me...
See, food and happy thoughts helps! ;)

Again, they will not do anything that hurts unless they have to, and the way you describe it, it should be obvious what is wrong.

Crying is OK, just bring some extra mascara. They've seen it before and can deal with it.

Be glad your mom is helping you out here, and again, good luck!

I'm very glad for my mom being there for me, but unfortunately she can't pay for it, so I have to rely on my dad.

Things took a turn for the worse today in regards to going to the dentist... looks like my father won't get me to go until he leaves and comes back again, which won't be until the 20th of this month. We had a big fight about it this morning, he was essentially blaming me for the situation my tooth is now in, so he stormed out. :(

I was meant to go to the dentist in June (well before this pain issue showed up) but then my dentist cancelled my appointment with me, so I rescheduled, but then I found out my new appointment would be in the middle of my exams so I cancelled and never made a reappointment until yesterday...

There's some good news though, I guess... I'm feeling much better today.