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I did it!! I got my wisdom teeth out!!!



Junior member
Sep 4, 2007
OMG I was so so nervous all morning yesterday... I woke up crying about it b.c I was so scared! I cried all the way there, and still when I got there. So they took me back...here we go...still crying lol.

Well first the hook me up to everything...heart monitor...bp...then the IV...I have deep veins and they stuck me 5 times!! So I also now have pretty bruises all on my arms. So they start me with laughing gas....ewww I started feeling way crazy..nto funny crazy, but like I am gonna jump off the building crazy, so I yanked it off and said NO I DONT WANT THIS! so they just gave me oxygen....

Now they are on their last needle pricking me (#5) and I am breathing oxygen. So they new I was nervous so I guess they didnt have me count backwards b/c the next thing I knew I was being wheeled into recovery with gauze in my mouth! That was it! I have no memory (THANK THE LORD) nad I sat in recovery for about 30 mins and was able to go home!! I got 6 total teeth out...so weird!

Yesterday I slept all day off and on...Jon (my fiance) took great care of me, so the rest of the week I took off work. I feel ok today...Just want to recover well now, so I will do everything asked and hopefully stay away from those dirty dry sockets.

I also wanted to tell everyone on here thank you for your kind words!!!! They helped a lot!


Yay for you!   :jump:

I'm so proud of you for speaking up about the gas and enduring all those tries with the IV.  I wish you a speedy recovery and that too much daytime TV doesn't rot your brain -- I'd forgotten how awful it was until I recuperated from my having my wisdom teeth out.   :drool:

The Other Me
Cool WELL DONE :jump: You must be so happy it's over :)

I'll proably gonna need my Wisdom Teeth out :scared:
Many, many, maaaaaaaaany congratualtions! I bet you're feeling on :cloud9: dispite the after effects! I know I will be!

You're so so brave, I haven't even had my xrays yet... Were you're teeth impacted? How come the molars had to come out too?

I wish you a very speedy recovery!

Mine were not impacted, they were through the skin but giving me many problems. I had the 2 others out b/c they were just in bad shape, broken and i just assumed take them out too since they were in the back!

Im just glad its over!
brooklyn7582 said:
Mine were not impacted, [highlight]they were through the skin [/highlight]but giving me many problems. I had the 2 others out b/c they were just in bad shape, broken and i just assumed take them out too since they were in the back!

Im just glad its over!
Were they fully erupted,or half way through the Gum ?
Well done to you... :jump: :XXLhug:

Really proud of you, you must be feeling great now..!!

With lots of hugs :grouphug:

Mine were all through...except 1 was halfway, and pushing my other tooth. It didnt have enough room to come in, thus causing me lots of trouble!

Thanks guys, I am SO glad its over...Now I just want to make sue I do not get any mean dry sockets!! :grouphug:
Congratulations....Believe it or not when I went to have my wisdom teeth out there was a small prick and the dentist said you're going to go to sleep now....And I did.One of the best dental visits I ever had!Hopefully your future dental endevours will be a bit easier
Way to go!!!!  :jump:  :jump:

I've never had dry socket but it sure doesn't sound fun! Just stay away from smoking, straws and hard rinsing and you should be fine!!!  

I'm glad it's all over and appreciate that you shared your story with us!  :)

Hi Brooklyn-I am new here (have been reading lots for awhile though about getting my wisdom teeth out) and got them out this past Friday. Like you, I am doing well and glad it is overwith! I want to ask you though, do you have what looks like a white film over your holes? I have been rinsing w/ saltwater after every time I eat and it doesn't seem to go away. I don't want to mess w/ it for fear of getting dry socket and I can't seem to find anything on the internet that tells me if this is normal healing or if it is just food? I also don't want an infection if it is food and I should be removing it!

Any help from anyone would be great...thanks!

Yes, I am so pleased for you that it is all over now, and what a shame that you had such a bad experience with IV sedation. For me it was just one little pin prick and I was out cold for an hour. I must say reading people's journals etc and how so many of you have had to have wisdoms out, again I consider myself so lucky because I never had any. Don't know whether it's cos my mouth is small, but I know in my family for the past generation and some of the next, we just don't have them. We must be stupid or something! ;D