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I did it!! I got my wisdom teeth out!!!



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Sep 4, 2007
OMG I was so so nervous all morning yesterday... :hidesbehindsofa:I woke up crying about it b.c I was so scared! I cried all the way there, and still when I got there. So they took me back...here we go...still crying lol.  :shame: :cry:

Well first the hook me up to everything...heart monitor...bp...then the IV...I have deep veins and they stuck me 5 times!! So I also now have pretty bruises all on my arms.  So they start me with laughing gas....ewww I started feeling way crazy..nto funny crazy, but like I am gonna jump off the building crazy, so I yanked it off and said NO I DONT WANT THIS! so they just gave me oxygen.... :scared:

Now they are on their last needle pricking me (#5) and I am breathing oxygen.  So they new I was nervous so I guess they didnt have me count backwards b/c the next thing I knew I was being wheeled into recovery with gauze in my mouth! :hic: That was it! I have no memory (THANK THE LORD) nad I sat in recovery for about 30 mins and was able to go home!!

Yesterday I slept all day off and on...Jon (my fiance) took great care of me, so the rest of the week I took off work. I feel ok today...Just want to recover well now, so I will do everything asked and hopefully stay away from those dirty dry sockets.

I also wanted to tell everyone on here thank you for your kind words!!!! They helped a lot!

Brooke  :XXLhug: :jump:
Congratulations! :cheers:

That's great and I hope everything continues to go well for you!
I am so pleased for you that it is all over and that it went so well, with just gas and air. That's terrific. Have a good rest - you deserve it.
Yay! :jump:

That sounds a lot like my wisdom teeth experience. I fought and cried and even swore ( :redface: ) when they tried to give me the IV (I despise needles). But, once it was in, I remember the nurse saying 'Got it. Hand me tha---' Then I woke up in recovery.

It's such a terrifying thing...then you wonder what you made all that fuss about.