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I did it...I got through my first appointment!



Junior member
Jan 30, 2015
I can't believe I did it. I managed to walk in the door, fill out the paperwork and get into that chair. I did take the valium, it made me sort of woozy and unable to fill out sentences completely but darn it...I did it!

I am getting a root canal next Monday for my broken molar and a crown put on. There was no way I was going to get a tooth extracted, that brought my fear level beyond 100. But I am getting it fixed finally!

I am stupidly proud of myself. I didn't cry at the dentist and I didn't have a nervous breakdown either. I was very calm when they were doing the x rays and when he was looking around in my mouth. The dentist was amazingly soothing and he was very understanding of my phobia.

Best of all, I got to watch the Lego movie while all of this was happening. I am not dreading the root canal as much anymore, though it still freaks me out. Gonna need the valium for that.

But...I did it! :jump: