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I did it! I took the first step today.....



Junior member
May 25, 2016
NE Ohio
Hi all, I am newly registered but have been reading the forums for awhile now.
After reading tons and tons of posts, I finally decided to take that first step...
I just called and made a dentist appointment! OMG, I am completely terrified.
I have very few teeth left, and they are in terrible shape. Most likely I will
need whats left to be removed and to get dentures. I can't believe I just
set this up. I am 46 years old and am tired of being embarrassed about
my mouth. I am a very outgoing person, but I find myself being quiet
because I don't want to gross anyone out if they can see. My appointment
isn't until July 2, but the receptionist told me that if they get a cancellation
before then she will let me know. She was very reassuring so I feel good about this.
But, I am still pretty scared....
Well done. I did the same thing recently and made an appointment and have been for my first visit. I was really nervous by the time my appointment came round but it really was not as bad as I had built it up to be. Don't get me wrong, there is work to be done but you have no idea what a relief it is. You have made that first step and you can do it! Good luck
Well done! I won't lie and say it won't be a scary process, or that it won't be hard, but if you are clear with your dentist about your fears, and your dentist is kind and patient (hopefully they are!) then it will be soooo much easier. A good dentist makes all the difference.

It's normal to be scared. But focus on your goal. It'll feel so good when you can smile and be as outgoing as you please. I have dentures, and while it was a tough adjustment at first, it was life changing in the end. I'm miles happier now. :)