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I did it! Molar extraction with iv sedation



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Oct 29, 2014
I should start by saying thank you to every that has posted their success stories! I spent hours on this site days before my surgery, and reading everything did help quite a bit. I had my molar out yesterday morning and I'm swollen but not too sore! So happy it's over with :)

So I'm a huge baby when it comes to anything medical, even thinking of needles has me cringing, and when I found out that my tooth was beyond repair and my dentist was referring me to a surgeon, I was terrified. At first I was choosing just the local anesthetic, but after research I decided to go with the iv sedation even with my huge fears of it, I was scared of being put under and thought that I would wake up and move around or freak out, and I was also scared of just local freezing and being aware of the whole procedure. I must say I am SO SO happy i went with IV sedation for this.

The days before my surgery I was a mess, when my alarm went off I started crying which made me start dry heaving. Great start to the day! I got to the office, filled out all the paperwork, then went it for a consult with the doctor.

After a lot more waiting finally it was time, I was a little calmer but my hands were freezing and sweating. The nurse sat me down, put on a pulse reader and BP cuff, and then oxygen on my nose. She leaned my chair back and said she was going to put in the IV, a little pinch. I had my eyes closed the whole time. Then she said they were adding medication to make me feel light headed, and I told her I already felt light headed so they put my knees up. Then she told me the doctor would be in shortly, and that they were turning the lights out.. I remember seeing the lights go out and only seeing a bright blue light, then BAM I wake up in a recovery room with a blanket on me.. I guess I had been in there for about 20 minutes or so, no recollection whatsoever! I couldn't even believe that I had walked into that room. The only effect I felt was that my legs were really heavy and was wobbly to walk, other than that, it was great! Sooo much better than I thought it would be.

I know everyone says if they can do it so can you, but it's totally true! I'm actually proud of myself for getting this done, it's been 24 hours now and the most uncomfortable part is not being able to open my mouth all the way, and I would really love to brush my teeth! :p
Hi Sarah

:welldone: for getting sorted and for sharing your very positive post with us here :jump::jump:

Kind regards
I had my first ever extraction on December 2, 2015....#17 I believe, using IV anesthesia It's the lower left in the back. I went to an oral surgeon because I heard he was the best. I found out that the surgeon is 82 years old. He was very knowledgable and helped me a lot. I came in on Thursday morning and was home before lunch. Same day service without prior consultation. All he had to do was the X-rays. The procedure was Absolutely pain free and did not cause any swelling what so ever.