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I DID IT! Now the COST is scary! Questions about dental discount plans + first treatment plan



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Aug 6, 2010
I DID IT! Now the COST is scary! Questions about dental discount plans + first treatment plan

I finally did it. I rescheduled my appointment THREE TIMES! and finally made it through the door this month. My anxiety was through the ROOF and I was shaking a little but I let the dentist look inside my mouth and take a panoramic film. Things do NOT look as bad as I imagined on that xray. I was fearing that ALL of my teeth would need yanked, all this time. My molars that are badly broken can be SAVED! I don't have any teeth that are beyond saving! I can't believe it.

I'm attaching the "putting out the fire" treatment plan, as this dentist said. In other words, there is still a lot that needs done, but these are the BIG things that shouldn't wait much longer.

.... In total for 4 root canals and 4 core buildups including any pins, it's over $6k and *eventually* those teeth will need crowned. The dentist was very friendly and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, so I wish I could have all my work done there but I cannot afford this for only these procedures so I joined carington dental discount plan and I should be able to have all of these things done for just under $2k but NOW I have to find a new dentist that accepts the plan (there are TONS).

INSERT NEW PANIC ATTACK. Should I be weary of dentists that accept discount plans? ... I would love to have more disposable income but I just don't, so I wonder what you all think? Has anyone had success with discount plans?

My last question is .. the dentist said that the core buildups would be tooth-colored and look like teeth... since three are molars, is it really important to EVER crown them???


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Re: I DID IT! Now the COST is scary! Questions about dental discount plans + first treatment plan

There's info on that page about the pros and cons of dental discount plans. If you want to stay with the first dentist you could maybe look into Care credit instead.

Popular wisdom is that molar rcts are best crowned or you risk breakage - although I do have an uncrowned one which is still going strong many years later.
You may want to consider crowning molars which do not show in your smile line with gold rather than PFM...it doesn't cost any more and has the benefits of needing to remove less tooth structure, lasts much longer before it needs to be re-done (may never need to be redone), doesn't wear away the opposing teeth.

Whatever you decide you need to be able to chew and eat to enjoy your life so I'd say it's worth investing in your dental health now rather than later.

I would want to be choosing my care provider on the basis of my relationship of trust with them and not because they were on an insurance company's list. There's a reason they are on these lists offering much lower fees...could that reason be less technical skill such that they can't attract enough patients? Or would it just be that their office might be in a cheaper part of town with a lower overhead? You decide but make sure you are comfortable with the manner and the skillset of the dentist you let work on you would be my main proviso.
Could you have them do just one tooth to see how it goes? The last thing you want or need is 4 rcts done inexpertly in a couple of sittings which all fail and then need extractions.

IN fact if you think about it, if rcts is all you are doing now, it might be best to get a specialist to do them...doubt the fees would be any higher.
NB I am not in the USA so this is all speculation on my part based on a bit of knowledge.

Let's hope someone who has actual experience of dental discount can share some more concrete info. :grouphug:
Congrats on going along :jump:
Re: I DID IT! Now the COST is scary! Questions about dental discount plans + first treatment plan

LOL @ the bill being more painful than the procedures - so true!!