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I did it thanks to wonderful dentist



Junior member
Aug 18, 2017
Back home minus 3 teeth and I did it without sedation or Gas and air. The dentist thought I'd feel more in control and less likely to dissociate this way and she was right. I focussed on her voice, my friends hand squeezing mine and the radio in the background and these things all kept me in the present. She took the injection so slowly and told me in advance everything that was going to happen and asked my permission throughout. One tooth popped out and landed on my neck. She said I'd put up with them so long my body was doing its best to get rid of them. Lots more work to do and she's going to phone me later to discuss it when I am diazapam free as I was too relaxed to give informed consent in her opinion. I'm so happy and not in much pain either. First extraction ever and first treatment in 26 years
Well done, Yorkiegal! It's amazing that you managed to go without sedation or gas! And it is very encouraging for all the people who are at the beginning of the journey and haven't plucked up the courage yet. Happy to hear that you have a nice dentist who knows how to work with nervous patients.
Yay you!!! So good to read when one of us gets through something! Hope you continue to be pain free!