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I DID IT!!! wisdom teeth out for good!



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Feb 18, 2006
I DID IT!!! wisdom teeth out for good!


hi everyone I had my wisdom teeth pulled out this morning.... I can't believe it is over! the xanax helped a lot, at least for me that's what gave me the strenght to walk through the door.
The nitrous oxide was nice it relaxed me a bit,,,, then the iv went in and it was good because you fall asleep but you are kind of still there but you don't care. It is like taking a nap you are not in a deep sleep but enough to where they can do what they need... and believe me you don't care! I'm a gagger... no gagging this morning! :)no side effects (yet) from being put under.
All this worry for nothing, the only part now is that i am 5 hours post-op and things are starting to wake up, i'm taking my pain meds. My tongue is numb and so are my cheeks still. My dentist was so gentle and understanding.
I don't remember much, I remember getting in the car then home then in my bed... but all with this happy feeling and such Relief!!! If I can do this, being the phobic that I am, anyone can. Hope this will help some of you!
i'll keep you guys posted. This site has helped so much thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. back to bed for me i'm tired!
Re:  I DID IT!!! wisdom teeth out for good!

Well done :jump: I am so happy everything went well for you :jump: I hope you are doing well today :)
Re:  I DID IT!!! wisdom teeth out for good!

wow, good for you.

Now go and snuggle.

Re:  I DID IT!!! wisdom teeth out for good!

Thank you everyone for your encouraging thoughts!

i'm in pain today,,,, but i'm taking the motrin 600 and I had to take a vicodin today because it got a little much.The vicodin helped a lot. the dentist said that today and Sunday maybe the worst of it all. The meds work great. The only issue is eating, only soft foods, can't chew, i'm afraid of putting anything back there, but i'm not too worried about that:) Overall yes there is pain but it is manageable.

:) Aurora
Re:  I DID IT!!! wisdom teeth out for good!

So glad it went well. I just replied to your post in the Wizzie World section. If you could take a look at it I would really appreciate it. I am supposed to get mine out and am really scared. I was curious about your symptoms that you had before the teeth came out. They sound similar to mine. I'm trying to find positive reinforcements because I am having a hard time convincing myself that the teeth are the cause of the pain. I always suspect the worst, like a tumor or something awful like that. :scared: As scared of getting the teeth out, it just seems like such an easy answer because my mind wont let me think that it CAN be that simple.