I DID IT!!!! Wisdome teeth extracted w/ iv sedation



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Dec 27, 2008
Ok, I have put this off for 12 years and would switch dentists whenever they told me I needed to have my wizzies out. I finally broke down when I saw a little decay on one and another was causing bone loss on one of mh good teeth next to it.

So I arrived at the office today SO FREAKED OUT I started to cry in the chair. They were very nice and reasurring. They hooked me up to the monitors and gave me oxygen. Due to my nerves they had to give me the laughing gas prior to even sedating me. So they administer the IV sedation and the last thing I remember was the IV going in my hand. At one point I vaguely remember "coming to" and making moaning and yelliing noises (communicative yelling, not painful screaming yelling). They gave me some more juice and I was out. Next thing I knew I was barely conscious and somehow got into a wheelchair and out to the car but don't really remember it much.

As a side point-I had told my mom about the poor girl on here that had her teeth extracted and the iv sedation and apparently novacaine wasn't working and the jerk of a dentist continued through while the poor thing screamed in agony. I told my mom that her parents were there and heard her screaming and were not allowed to come in. I told my mom "You hear me screaming in pain and you come back-I don't care what they say." So when she heard me from the waiting room started to moan and yell they actually turned the music up! (probably so I didn't freak out other patients) and she was totally pissed off. The receptionist said oh well she chose conscioius sedation and my mom said I know that-then give her more. She said I will go back there if I have to and the receptionist said You can't do that and my mom said I will if they don't give her more!!!! They gave me more obviously and I was fine.

But my scary is not meant to be scary-when I did regain a little consciousness and realize what was going on I was too sleepy to open my eyes and was just aware of some pressure. It didn't hurt a bit. In fact, when it was over I didn't know if it was a dream or not until my mom confirmed it. But the good thing was was that I wasn't in pain when I awoke-I was just trying to tell them "hey guys, i'm feeling this---crank it up!" and they did and all was good . :D The doctor said I came to because I was so nervous I was burning off the meds.

So as 30 year old woman I can now say that I have had it done!!! One thing looming over my head that I know longer have to worry about. I was actually more nervous about this then I was the night before I was induced with my first (and only ) child.

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Apr 16, 2008
IV sedation is truly a wonderful thing and fully worth the cost!!!
Again, great job!! :jump:
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