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I DID IT!!!! WOO HOO! 4 wisdom teeth GONE! YAY!!



Junior member
Apr 18, 2012
Today was my wisdom tooth removal surgery, all four at once and man have i been freaking out:o! The horror stories just everything! But it was nothing how i expected and so easy, and im very VERY happy to be able to post my success story! Hopefully this will help anyone whos scared like i was:bear:! I had IV sedation and the nurses KNEW i was nervous, but she made me feel better because she smiled the whole time and told me everything she was doing. They first hooked me up to a bunch of monitors and put the little thinga majig on my finger;). Then the surgeon came in and he was SO nice! Im 20 years old and to be honest he was treating me like i was 15, but hey lol i didnt mind! I think thats what i needed at a time like that:p! He was so funny and making jokes and made me laugh. Then he did the IV and it was so easy i didnt even feel a pinch. He told me he was going to put some medicine in to calm me down and said i may feel sleepy and maybe a little dizzy, and i did but it didnt bother me. After like 2 minutes i was GONE lol ;D i didnt even HAVE to count down! Then i remember being woken up, saying something about my shoes, and sitting in the recovery room. I dont even remember walking in there! But once i got in there first thing i did was ask for my mom and she came in within in like one minute. And for some reason i cried lol! Normal side affect apparently. Some people get a little sick, some cry, some talk about unicorns! It was a little hard to walk but man this surgery was easy:)! And i was SO scared! So its really not as bad as you think, and even though your fear wont completely go away after reading this, just remember everything ive said when you go in and know its easy! Im in a little bit of pain, nothing too bad though and im only taking IBprofin and some antibiotics. He also perscribed Oxycodone however im not comfortable taking that, but the IBprofin works just fine:cool:. Its been about 5 hours or so since my surgery, and im okay, and you will be too!!:jump:
Glad to hear it went so well. Now enjoy lots of rest and icecream! :jump:
Great news Sunshyne! Glad it went well and that you're feeling good. Thanks for posting your wonderful story. :welldone:
Sounds like a perfect experience to me! Congratulations :)
I m having 3 extracted tomorrow morn, hope my surgery goes as easy as yours :)
Thanks for sharing!!