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Mar 11, 2007
HI ALL!!! OK--I had a HORRIBLE experience with a Dentist when I was 16. It was SOOOO TRAUMATIC, that I did NOT go to a dentist again til this past Dec, which was 20 YEARS AFTER my last visit!! :o Anyway, I found a VERY NICE dentist. She is GREAT with fearful patients. I found out I NEEDED ALL 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled!!! :scared: I was like OH JOY!! CAN HARDLY WAIT!! She wanted me to go to an Oral Surgeon who is NOT on our Insurance of Preferred Providers list for Oral Surgeons!!! SOOOO--I had my husband talk to some of the guys from work (they all work in the dental field), and one gave him the name of the Oral Surgeon I went to. (He said he'd heard he was REALLY GOOD!!) Well----I made the Consultation Appt. He was REALLY NICE, and explained to me what would happen. I was VERY SCARED about the IV sedation. He told me that it was VERY, VERY SAFE and that if anything went wrong, he could give me a drug that would TOTALLY REVERSE the sedation and I would IMMEDIATELY wake up. That made me feel better! I had 2 lower wisdom teeth TOTALLY IMPACTED. The one on the left lower side was actually horizontal instead of vertical. The one on the lower right was at an odd angle. It was also allowing food to get UNDER my gums, and he said eventually, I would have a HORRIBLE toothache/MAJOR INFECTION!! The top two wisdom teeth NEVER erupted!! They were pushing against the teeth next to them, and NEEDED to come OUT too!! I made the appt. about a week after the consult. I was PETRIFIED!! The Oral Surgeon started the IV, his assistants were GREAT!! Told me everything was fine, that I was doing GREAT! I don't even remember my eyes closing from the IV!! I remember hearing the Oral Surgeon saying he was having trouble getting one of my teeth out, because it was a "HARD" tooth!! I wanted to say, "THAT TOOTH IS HARD BECAUSE OF ALL THE MILK I DRINK!!" LOL!! LOL!! Anyway, he got ALL 4 teeth out. I woke up with gauze up the WAZOO, feeling like I was going to CHOKE on the stuff!! EWW!! NASTY blood taste in my mouth. I was able to walk to the recovery room. My husband came in and sat with me. I was only in the recovery room maybe 15 minutes total. Then they took me down to my car in a wheel chair. I could feel the numbing stuff wearing OFF and my mouth was starting to HURT!!! I took the pain medicine the Dr. prescribed for me and fell asleep. I had this done on 3/08/07. It has been 3 days since the surgery, and I still don't feel 100%. Everyone's pain tolerance level is different. I have a VERY LOW pain tolerance level. I am feeling better though!! I am STILL eating broth, cream of wheat and applesauce. I can HARDLY WAIT til I can go out and CELEBRATE getting my wisdom teeth pulled with a NICE, BIG, JUICY FILET MINON DINNER!!! :jump: :party: I am just GLAD that I got ALL of them pulled at ONE TIME!! If you are nervous about getting them pulled, and only have like 2 pulled then go back for the other two, you will have DOUBLE the stress! I only had to stress ONCE, and now its DONE and I don't have to worry about those STUPID teeth anymore!!! GOOD LUCK to anyone needing their wisdom teeth pulled!! ALL I gotta say is make SURE you find a GOOD ORAL SURGEON!!! Talk to your Dentist, friends, look them up on the internet. I googled my Drs. name and he has ONLY WONDERFUL feedback from his patients!! TRUST ME!! Getting your teeth pulled, SURE BEATS getting a HORRIBLE infection or WORSE!!
Well done!!! :jump:

I see what your saying with regards to getting the work all done at once if able, does mean only one amount of worry! But thankfully yours is over!! ;D WELL DONE!! Enjoy your special meal! :-*
TY JUST ME!!! :) I KNEW that if I did NOT go in and have ALL 4 done the first time, I would NEVER go back for the other 2!! That is just me!!! Plus, you only have to go thru ONE round of healing time instead of 2 separate rounds. I can practically TASTE my Filet Minon dinner right NOW!!!! :jump: YUMMMMY!!!