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i did it


shell 84

Junior member
Dec 5, 2007
hey everyone i had my wisdom tooth out yesterday with the iv sedation, was very upset before hand but tryed not to think about it, when we got to the dental hospital was very upset wasnt happy when got taken through to the room as my mum was not allowed through, my dentist talked me through everything then i got a midazolam drink to calm me down as i was so upset then my mum was allowed through which made me relax more then after 30 mins i went onto the dentists chair and then thats all i remember when i came round i was in my house i cant remember a single thing dont remeber getting anything done or getting in the car to come home, im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy:jump: its all over just a bit swallen today but very very happy its all over. iv sedation is absolutely fantastic and i would recomend it to anyone who has a fear. thank you to everyone on here who gave me advice and helped me stay calm. hope you all have a wonderfull christmas and new year.:):jump::cheers::grouphug::thumbsup:
You sure did, and I've posted in the other thread as well. Congratulations, you're a fully paid up member of the "I love IV Club".
Gratz! Add me to the club too!