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I did it!



Junior member
Jan 19, 2022
So I just got back from the dentist & hygienist…I have horrible dental anxiety & I had not been in almost 5 years! My teeth had been bothering me really badly & I felt I could barely eat anything or they’d snap off in my mouth.

I have never really had tooth issues but I wasn’t taking care of them as I should have been. I laxed on my flossing mostly, I’ve always been a fanatic about brushing. I bought a water pick, electric toothbrush & started flossing after every meal about a month ago.

I noticed them bothering me late last year, & I had to build up to go to the dentist as I was sure they were all falling out & I would need dentures. I browsed this forum non stop, looked up dental implant costs, looked up denture costs…talked to my grandma about her dentures/implants..stressed myself & everyone out by talking about my teeth non stop leading up to my appointment. It’s all I could think about.

I had one tooth pulled that they told me I would need to root canal/crown like 5 years ago & I didn’t…but they took my X-rays & said I need deep cleanings (not surprisingly) & two crowns & my bones are strong! So I’m all lined up to have it all done all February & then my back tooth they removed implanted after that.

I feel kind of silly for building this up as badly as I did in my head, but they told me there’s just tarter below the gum line & that’s why I have felt like I couldn’t chew, that that feels like a splinter. Most importantly they said if I stay on top of it I won’t lose anymore teeth. The dentist & hygienist couldn’t have been nicer & it cost a lot less all together than I thought it would. I’m just glad I didn’t let my anxiety control me like I really wanted to.

I really appreciate everyone on this forums stories because they really helped me feel not alone. I thought I was the only person who went through this & I was so embarrassed. This forum helped me so much. If anyones reading this like I was before they go, just force yourself to do it, it’s not as bad as you hype it in your head. I was shaking like a leaf before I went in. The relief is indescribable.


Junior member
Jan 7, 2022
United Kingdom
I Totally agree with you, the anxiety is alot worst than the treatment. Dentists want your business so they want to treat you gently and as painlessly as possible. They want you to come back and have a great experience and tell everyone about it. Working yourself up and having panick attacks is alot lot worst than the visit and treatment and like you said the relief is amazing and the sense of accomplishment is a great feeling.