I Did It!!



Sep 7, 2008
Well it is now all over and I never have to worry about it again. I actually got through the removal of my 4 wisdom teeth this morning with GA!

I was so nervous this morning and could not sleep last night but the whole thing turned out fine. The worst part was the waiting on the operating table to go in and unfortunately I had a bit of a panic attack but the nurse gave me some oxygen and the anaethitist gave me something in the canula to calm me down and believe me it did work! I remember then being wheeled into the operating theatre and looking up at the roof thinking "wow this is pretty cool" and also remember a nurse putting something on my chest and next thing I know Im awake in recovery and it was alllll over!

Apart from being a bit tired today I am perfectly fine. I have no pain or discomfort but I do have an issue with my numbness. Its been 13 hours since I had the op and I still have no feeling from my ear right down to my chin and lips and my tongue. It feels awful and want it to go away now.

So I did it and now in my dental journey I only have 3 fillings to be done and Im finished! Yah! (Oh and apart from a year of orthodontics but thats different)