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I Did It!



Junior member
Aug 24, 2010
Ok, I kind of took the easy way out, but am SOOOO happy that I got my wisdom teeth extracted last Thursday!!!!!!!!!! It's over!!!!!

I had never had trouble with them, so I hoped to never go through the procedure, but a couple months ago one of my top wisdom teeth cracked almost in two and had been hurting ever since, so I knew I had to do it even though I am EXTREMELY frightened of any dental procedure.

I did not sleep the night before my surgery, and I shook with fear all day until my 3:15 appointment. When I sat down in the dentist's chair, I felt sick. Nausea could not be contained, so I vomited.... the nurses put a monitor on me and my blood pressure had shot up 185/135 and my heart was beating at 150 beats per minute. All this from FEAR!

However, the OS was so very patient and kind and calmy proceeded to tell me that he felt the best thing he could do for me was to administer IV sedation, and the next thing I remember I was sitting in the recovery room telling everyone how beautiful they were!!! LOL!

End of story: My mom took me home and put me to bed, my husband came home after work that day and fixed me some soup, I took a pain pill and slept til the next day. I'm five days out now, and so far the only pain I've experienced has been minimal and swelling is residing. YEAH!!!!!
Bravo !!!:respect: keep building on the win!