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I did IV Sedation for 3 fillings today (UK, Private Dentist)



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Nov 5, 2016
Today I did IV Sedation. Let me tell you the anxiety beforehand is the ONLY painful part. Seriously.

Quick Background:
I have a huge dental phobia. For the past 10 years or so I have been known to cry and shake like a leaf during checkups. Even to the point of panic attacks and vomiting. NHS dentists have refused to see me after some incidents, and the community NHS dentist only wanted to treat me under GA. So, I used all my savings and went private.
I suffer from episodes of Sleep Paralysis, and I am diagnosed with Depersonalisation Dissociative Disorder (from child abuse - including flashbacks), Depression, General Anxiety and Health Anxiety.
The weeks after my consultation of been told I needed an extraction, root canal and 3 fillings I cried myself to sleep every night, and had a very hard time in general. I couldn't concentrate at work and not going into detail, but I also turned to self destructive behaviours to cope.

So, I was told all my work would be done in 2 hours. I cried in the morning, my heart rate was 140+ and I felt so sick. My husband had to force me crying into the taxi. It took me around 20mins to sit in the chair itself. I did not stop crying or shaking when they tried finding a vein and failed 3 times. This caused me to have a full blown panic attack that I couldn't breathe. Forth time she found a vein, and constantly reassured me everything would be fine. I was practically screaming that I was going to die. I had my husband in the room with me the entire time and he held my hand (loss of control and fear of being abused is a massive fear for me).
So, I laid back and I said "This is so not gonna ******** work on me".
Next thing I knew, she was doing something with my lower tooth. I told her "Stop I'm not sedated" and began to cry when she told me she was now done.
Apparently this took over 2 hours. It felt like 2 minutes.

Now, please don't let this put you off, but I was told that during the procedure (I don't remember) when the drilling noise started I moved my hand and begged them no. My husband told me they put more sedative in and he put earphones on me and blasted out Black Sabbath for the rest of the entire procedure - After that apparently I was out of it. He did tell me that he held my hand the entire procedure, and apparently I was awake! Looking at him the entire time! Don't recall any of it.
At the end, I was told they only did 3 fillings. Couldn't do the Root Canal or Extraction because they ran out of time because I didn't react well to the drill noise and had to wait a while for the IV to work again. I was told I got the maximum dosage as well.

But let me tell you, I don't remember anything - Only a slight bit at the end. I would say don't worry, but hey you're human and dental anxiety is real - but this stuff is really great. Stay off google and keep busy! I MEAN IT. I read so many horror stories I had nightmares about it - I hope you also see that I have a few health issues and I didn't vomit or stop breathing during the procedure. I'm still alive.

Don't feel like I did good today but I'm very surprised I went. Now for arranging another IV appointment for a root canal and extraction ;(
I've posted my story to help others as other people's stories on here helped me a lot (giving back to the community :))
Great story. This is what's so nice about IV sedation in the right hands. It works extremely well.