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I did something a bit dumb…



Junior member
Apr 18, 2022
Hi everyone, I’ve made my Easter trip a living hell.

I’ve currently been suffering with dental issues and I’m still afraid to confront them and seek out help. I have been using antiseptic mouthwash and clove oil + oregano oil for some sort of relief.

I had a road trip planned to my mother’s house and unfortunately didn’t bring any carrier oil for my clove and oregano rinses.
My gums were bothering me and I unfortunately did multiple rinses without any oil and I ended up chemically burning my mouth. It is honestly awful. It feels like I’ve wrecked my tongue and some parts of my gum. It’s been a few days and it’s pretty awful, but I’ve been using advil and honey to try make it better. It’s tough though, if I say anything I expose my issues and mentally I’m not ready for that. I just hope these burns heal. I feel like the biggest idiot.
Late response but I hope you’re feeling better by now! I did crazy things too before I decided to go back to the dentist. I bought at least 100 (and that’s aiming really low) temporary filling packages and would carry it around with me and put it in a few of my teeth multiple times a day. That went on for years. The fear is a real thing. But I tell you, going turned out to be way easier than dealing with the fear for over a decade. But I get it. The fear is crippling and no fun.
I’m trying to muster up the courage to go. It’s so hard, I’m so hard on myself and all I can think about is how my husband will stop loving me for being gross and being a burden on him with the costs of getting whatever is wrong fixed. I know the prices will be high.😞 I read so many posts of people finally finding the courage to go and I want to be that so bad.

It is hard , you took the first step reaching out here and that was courageous, taking a step to action no matter how scary it is. I believe you have the courage in you.. though it really is hard to take that step sometimes . I hope you will know how much you are worth it. I felt the same way many years ago and it was hard. I was petrified actually. I walked in to this young dentists office who was just starting and she was so kind and compassionate to me and it changed my life around. I believe you can find that too. Do you have an office /dentist in mind? just take one step at a time.. you are doing good so far!
@krlovesherkids777 Thank you. Your words mean so much. I really hope I can find that courage.

I don’t have a dentist at the moment. I recently moved to Quebec from the U.S and I’m trying to settle in to a new country. It’s a French speaking province, so it will be much harder for me to find a dentist who speaks English fluently that is compassionate and will take my situation with kindness. It really narrows down my options. 😞

That would be really hard, especially after a fresh move and a different language too. wow.. then to deal with the anxiety with dental in general.. you are doing good just to start thinking and taking steps. I really hope you find someone kind. !!