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I didn't even cry at my last appointment!



Junior member
Dec 15, 2021
Hi everyone,

I had a pretty traumatic experience when I was 10 years old smashing my two front teeth and since then I've had a terrible fear of the dentist. I think I completely made up scenarios in my head about what actually happened!
Anyway, after around 13 years (save for emergency appointments) I made an appointment last November. I had a cracked tooth and some old fillings so needed 3 fillings, a RCT and an extraction. I had all this but one filling done under IV sedation which was a dream.
I then had the last filling with only an injection and this was absolutely fine! Anyway, I have now had my 6 monthly check up that I was dreading - what if I needed more work? but everything went absolutely fine!
I have now had two scale and polish's and didn't even cry at this last appointment.
I just wanted to say, it really does get easier and that first step along with all of the anxiety ect really is the worst part. I know a lot of people here (as well as me) are embarrassed of their teeth but are too nervous to go along. All I can say is I have had no judgement at all throughout this journey and now feel very comfortable at my current dentist.
I hope this encourages someone to go and make that first step - I promise it's worth it.
Hi @FrankieDoug, that’s so good to hear, you must be thrilled 😁. What a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing and giving hope to others in a similar situation 😊
:cheer2: :welldone: :dance2::dance:Love hearing these great accomplishments! This is awesome!