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I faced my fear on dental shots!



Junior member
Jan 7, 2022
United Kingdom
Hi All,

Just got back from having upper tooth and upper 2nd molar extracted with local only. I was so scared, high heart rate, talking rubbish etc, just generally scared. Anyway I had them taken out with local only using topical cream and I honestly didnt feel much at all and that included the dreaded palatal shot which I thought was going to really hurt and it honestly didnt, it didnt sting as such, more of a feeling of the fluid going in. I was soo numb after. The shots took only a few minutes and the pain of the shots was honestly 2/10. In my head the pain I was expecting was 10/10 and was only a 2. I was expecting the whole extraction to be a lot more painful than it was and it was actually a quite painless. I didnt realise just how numb I was until he said was tapping on the teeth and I couldnt feel a thing. A very surreal experience. I must of had a very good dentist that was soo gentle and the nurse assistant was amazing too. I honestly cant believe how much we perceive these procedures to be so much more painful than they are, its all in the head, it really is, the reality is that its not even half of the pain we expect. I still have more teeth to be extracted but I am glad that I can go to my next appointment with atleast half of the fear now.

My advice to anyone who is scared like me is; I can honestly tell you that the treatment is very tollerable and the pain is not even half of what you have in your head, its a fraction of that! Once your numb, your numb and the rest is easy, deep breathing helps soo much and dentist is there to make the procedure as comfortable as possible (they really really dont want you in pain) and the anaesthetic is amazing as you dont feel a thing after.

I apreciate that everyone is different but my teeth are a mess because of my fear of dentists. Dentistry has advanced so much and Im grateful for it too.

You can really do this, with sedation or not, its 100% achieveable even for the most nervous of patients. You can really do this! Please message me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Congratulations @AlexEssex - great to hear it went so well ??

And thanks so much for sharing!!
@AlexEssex I found with extractions its best to have soft foods and/or soups available at home so you don't have to shop. Rest was important.

WoW..! :cheer2::dance::welldone: Sounds like a great experience overcoming fear of anesthetic, both on your part and the dental team! So great to hear this! Definately helps build that positive momentum of experiences of the dentist :)
I know this is an old post but I want to say awesome for you! I remember when I had teeth pulled, I was so scared I wanted to cry. The dentist was very kind and she was surprised that I needed 3 shots to be numb! In those moments I didn't even care about the needles even though I'm so afraid of them lol. I felt a pinch each time I got it. It was mild pain but nothing I couldn't handle.