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I feel like I am going crazy



Jul 2, 2008
This all started with a premolar extraction. I ended up with a swollen eyes. I went to the oral surgeon and he said the site was fine. 3 days later, still swollen and went back....he said it was still fine. I felt pressure under my eye so I went to my primary care, he put me on a ameothicyin. 3 days later I could not breathe. I figured let it heal, I had a lot of pressure in my sinus a couple of days later....back to the doctor, he then put my on levaquin. Yea, I was sicker than I was without it...disorineted, everything. Well, I couldn't handle that. Yesterday, I went back to my dentist, because the extraction site devolped a white bubble, back on antibiotics. On course they gave me clidamycin, which is still in the same family as the first antibitic, woke up with swollen eyes. I called pharmary and they told me it was an allergic reaction. GREAT!
I have been going from doctor to dentist, trying to cure this extraction site and I am feeling worse after 5 weeks rather than better.
Anybody else an allergy to antibiotics, seems like everone they give me I can't handle.:cry:


Aug 8, 2008
I am so sorry that you've had all of this trouble. There's nothing more frustrating than going to get help and then having the help you're given make you feel worse than you did before. It sounds like you need a different type of antibiotic if the ones you've taken are all from the same family and you have an allergy to them. Perhaps one of the dentists here could suggest one that would work better for you?

I hope you feel better soon. :)


Well-known member
May 13, 2008
I think you should post this to Your Dentistry Questions Answered. I'm not able to help you much though I know a lot about drugs as I'd like to work in drug development business one day. I'm not familiar with the antibiotics you've been given! Probably they aren't so common in Finland. Have you any other antibiotic allergies you know of? Have you had some antibiotics before without problems? I don't know if that's even a possibility here... but are you allergic to Penicillin, for example? I'm pretty sure you'll get a drug that you can take. I also probably have an antibiotic allergy to one branch of them, I got a skin reaction as a kid so I've been avoiding, and I've ALWAYS got a suitable antibiotic when I've needed! Even when the doctor has first been thinking of something I can't take, the alternative B (s)he has prescribed has worked fine.