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I feel wonderful after my wisdom teeth extraction!

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Jun 3, 2010
I was scheduled to have two of my wisdom teeth removed this morning. So for the past week I have been reading up on everything possible about IV sedation or conscious sedation. This site was a godsend, as I felt so much more comfortable about it seeing that so many others had done it and had good experiences. Well when I woke up this morning, all of my fears returned. I was just extremely nervous. But my friend drove me to the oral surgeon and kept telling me everything would be fine. I got in the dentist's chair and was hooked up to the blood pressure/heart rate monitor. My HR was a bit high but it was my nerves. I sware I was THIS close to walking out but the oral surgeon was so nice and comforting. Next thing I knew, he put the IV in and a few minutes later I felt so relaxed. We were talking about something and next thing I remember I felt a tiny pull and he was done! It felt like 30 seconds had passed but it was actually about 25 mins! I couldn't believe he was done. Hardly any bleeding, I did not feel woozy, dizzy, nauseous, nothing! I even felt well enough to go to the pharmacy and get my meds and go rent some movies! It's been about 3 hours since the surgery and I've been watching TV and just relaxing. I feel great! I can't believe how scared I was. I have one more tooth to get pulled and I am definitely not fearful of conscious sedation anymore!!!! Thank you for letting me post my story and thank you for posting your stories....they helped me tremendously!!!!
wow :) well done to you !!! you have achieved a wonderful personal goal and gotten your teeth seen to, and also overcome a huge fear i also have ... the IV sedation for me is 14th june... so i know how it feels to be super dooper anxious about it!! i am so happy to read your success story, but worry i will be quite with it during my own sedation as you mentioned you felt a little tug .. i really would rather not know anything at all is happening to me as i fear being sedated and calm on the outside but panicking madly on the inside. arghhhhhhhhhhh! well doone to you again, you have come so far and i am impressed with your courage!!! big hugs and congrats to you xx :grouphug: