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I FINALLY booked an appointment



Junior member
Jan 3, 2017
Leeds, England
So I've been an observer on this forum for a little while since I realised I REALLY need to get back to the dentist. Finally decided to join.

Basically I've been to the dentist properly once in my life when I was 17 (9 years ago), and I had a horrifying experience of a tooth extraction, so much so that I never went back for the other work I knew I needed doing. The last few weeks I've been having problems with some teeth I thought were healthy - as well as the other stuff I had been consciously ignoring - and knew I had to bite the bullet and book in somewhere. After extensive research of places that won't terrify me and nearly crying on the phone to the manager while telling her my experience, I booked in today to check out what is actually going to need doing. I go next week. I'm SO nervous, but even though it may not sound much yet, it's a massive step for me.

I just need some reassurance/general support really to stop me freaking out!
Welcome! That's a huge step!!! Congratulations!!! Often getting to that first appointment is the hardest part. You can do this!
Good job! I recently did my initial appointment and am starting work tomorrow. The amount of relief I felt after completing the first appointment was tremendous and relieved so much of my stress instantly. Sure I need work, that's no surprise, but everyone was nice and reassuring and genuinely seemed like they wanted to help. Pp is right, taking that first step is often the hardest part and you should be proud that you have done that!!!

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