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I finally did go...



Oct 31, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
I posted here previously about having a problem with my tooth. I finally made it to the dentist (a month ago) and only just got the courage to post about it now.

Overall the experience was...okay. It was just x-rays and looking at the tooth and tapping it. The x-rays were awful because they made me gag over and over and ended up cutting my gums up so much I was bleeding and bruised and when the dentist looked in my mouth he noticed and asked what happened. It was so painful. I don't think I want to go through that ever again.

The next issue was the dentist wasn't really interested in listening to me. He kept saying the tooth was fine and when I asked about the black hole next to the filling he said it was too small to do anything about it. He said a cavity that small would not cause the amount of pain that I was in. I'm wondering if it's normal to leave a small cavity if it's small? Do they just wait for it to get bigger before treating it? He tapped it three times and the first two I didn't feel anything but the last one there was a sharp pain that made me wince.

His theory was that it was either my wisdom tooth pushing into it and causing too much pressure leading to pain, or that I'm clenching my jaw at night. I did get a temporary night guard after the appointment. I've been using it every night and most of the pain is gone but I still get twinges in that tooth every now and then and it is still sensitive to cold.
I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go well. If you can, could you seek a second opinion at a different practice? (I know that's easier said than done)

But, we're all here for you!

I'm sorry to it didn't go as well as you'd hoped. It sounds like you aren't too comfortable, he didn't listen and sounds sort of minimized your concerns rather than validating them. a bit dismissive? Just what I"m getting from the writing here. Glad that the nightguard is working for you a bit. But I would totally agree with Frostgirl about a second opinion to give you some peace of mind, feel heard and maybe find a better fit you may feel more comfortable with.

Thank you!:)

If I do decide to see a dentist again I am planning on asking for someone else for sure. I did get the feeling that he was a little dismissive and I just had an uncomfortable feeling with him. There is still one other dentist at that office that I was considering (I actually wanted this one that day but ended up with a different one instead). I was thinking of going back and this time requesting the dentist I originally wanted and see what his opinion is, but I wasn't sure if that was necessary or not (I want to avoid it if possible).
They did recommend that I schedule a regular cleaning (and wisdom teeth removal and TMJ specialist, but those are a whole other story) so maybe I can request that dentist for the cleaning and ask for his opinion then? I don't know when/if I'll have the courage to do any of those things though.
Well, you’ve already demonstrated a lot of courage, a whole lot just recently.

I encourage you to just sit with your experience so far. Let the next visit go until the time is closer.

I say this because you have accomplished a lot recently: more than you probably realize.
I guess that is true, thank you. I didn't think I would even get this far actually!