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I finally found a dentist that makes me feel good about going to the dentist



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Mar 1, 2007
Ok, I am a phobic even though I managed to get the courage to go to a dentist about 2 years ago I remained scared for I had an extraction go horribly wrong.

I went to a place called My Dentist on 8th and walnut in Kansas city, mo. They have offices in other states also

let me tell you, the dentist (female) was the nicest doctor I ever met in my life. I did not feel judged at all. I expected yet another extraction for I am poor and broke and the tooth was terribly rotted but they offered me financing to save the tooth without running a credit check!!!!!!

So now I am getting a crown. the cost was 900$ which includes the exam, crown, core build up, bitewings. and deductible, insurance is paying all but 374$. I was able to just pay 100 upfront and pay 100 a month till it's paid off.

I never in a million years thought anyone would put me on a payment plan given I have bad credit. I feel so better now about going to the dentist knowing I found someone that can work with you financially.

This lady was super nice, had a bubbly personality. it was like a little party working on my tooth. I feel so more confident to see the dentist now. it was actually a wonderful experience for me.
I'm glad to see you've found a nice dentist, and that they will let you pay for the treatment in instalments. Hope all goes well keep in touch.