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I finally worked up the courage after 8 years!



Junior member
Sep 10, 2021
Newcastle, Australia
Firstly I just wanted to say that I am so so thankful I found this site. It helped me to realise my teeth probably aren’t the worst the dentist has seen and I booked an appointment. I don’t have a fear of dental procedures, I had a fear of someone other than myself (let alone a professional) looking in my mouth and the embarrassment and shame. I knew I needed a lot of work. I had front teeth that needed fillings/repair of previous breakage from a fall I had a few years ago and I have 3 molars that are broken to the gum line that need extraction and also multiple fillings. I hated myself because at 32 my teeth should not be this bad. I had my first appointment today and they repaired my front teeth and I left with a treatment plan. I was greeted with no judgement and nothing but kindness. My front teeth now look great and I caught myself sitting there staring at my treatment plan and smiling. I know this won’t be comfortable and it will be pricey, but it will help my quality of life and mental health massively. It was like my “awful” teeth didn’t phase them. I hope that this helps someone who has put off dental treatment for years due to embarrassment and shame to take the first step and book an appointment and I hope you will feel a sense of relief just like I do that I FINALLY (after 8 years) have a plan to go forward toward better health and happiness :)


May 21, 2021
United states
Congrats on a successful appointment. Good for you! So glad you got the first step over. What a relief. Just take your treatment plan step by step! Best of luck in future work and be so proud of yourself for getting this far! Keep us posted:)

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