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I got my front tooth redone today!



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Jul 1, 2018
So if you have read any of my previous posts, I had to have my front tooth extracted due to a childhood injury that caused the tooth to die and abscess many years later. I was not thrilled with the final crown for the implant, as the dentist had said he was going to do a zirconia abutment and crown, but I ended up with a metal one and the crown (redone once for color correction) still didn’t look right. I got the crown done right as COVID-19 was hitting our area, and the dentist was leaving for a 3 month vacation so he said he would redo it later. Later is now. So I am happier with this version. He said he asked the lab to not make it perfect looking since my other teeth are not. They didn’t round it as much as he asked for but it looks tons better than the last one! The color is much better! This one is screw retained instead of cemented, with an angled crown and screw. I think that is what he called it. The gums still need to “relax” but there is no more dark showing through the gums!71958C9E-AF6E-4A9E-81B2-24E8ADB0EF24.jpeg
It looks great!