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I got threw my 2nd appointment



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my first appointment went good

well the freezing is out and the drugs have worn off my mouth hurts a little bit but I really liked the dentist he said if I would let them they could fix up my mouth to look really nice only if I would let them. they made another apointment just to look at my teeth to see what needs to be done. but I am really happy they fixed my front tooth it looks alot better as you can see in the before and after pictures. I am still going to take sadation for any work i have to have done but I have taken a big step by going and letting them work on my teeth

Re: my first appointment went good

Re: my first appointment went good

They look nice indeed! Congrats! I'm so happy that you found the dentist to be nice to you! We need more nice dentists!
Re: my first appointment went good

Huge congrats! :respect::jump:hope someday i can post a similar reply:thumbsup:

Well done you!

Gilly :cheers:
well everything went better then I thought I only need some minor work done fillings thats it my gums are good no desease and they look great now they are so smooth now and very pretty

Congrats on going to your second appointment! :jump: Glad to hear that your gums are healthy and your teeth looking all pretty!

:cheers: :grouphug: :jump: :party: ;D :ROFLMAO: :) :sleepyjuice: