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I Had A panic attack at the dentist



Former Member
Hi everyone, I am completly new to this site. I just found and am glad that I did. I felt like I had to be the only person in the world who is completely terrifed of the dentist...

I am 23 year old women who absolutly can not sit in a dental chair. I never had this problem before. I haven't been to the dentist in years but this time I will never forget.

I have allways had dental fears and nervousness but I freaked out and ran out of the office crying and gasping for air. I have some bad teath that really need to be fixed and I need some advice on gathering enough courage to go.. If anyone has in suggestions or things that has worked for them please let me know. I feel so helpless the way I am right now. I am in pain from my teeth but can't do anything about it because of my fear..

Again its great to see that I am not alone..


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi Tiffany :welcome:,

you're certainly not alone with your fear :D! It's sort of difficult to give generic suggestions, because everyone's fears are different. Being "terrified of the dentist" means different things to different people. What exactly is it that you're afraid of? Knowing that would make it much easier to try and come up with suggestions to try.

Many thanks for joining this board :D!


Junior member
Mar 7, 2007
Oh how can totally relate i'm 24 years old and don't even try to think about the dentist no matter how bad the pain. It's something about somebody in a white coat hovering over me :scared:! I have finally became so fustrated of altering the way i eat and being in pain that I had a talk with myself! I told myself that iI and I alone have to this for my sake or it's cry all night and eat soup and marshmellows for the rest of my life :drool:. though i'm failrly thin I love food and iIlike to eat what I want when I want at my liesure. So I have a appt. April 2 but from just reading these stories on here I gain my confidence more and more each day because I learn to tell myself that the outcome will be greater in the long run :jump: I know it's hard beacase the thought of that needle in my mouth terrifies me beyond belief! But it's either try to make a change or risk my health and i'm sure your health is far mor important than your fear.

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