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I Had Very Bad Build Up...Here To Brighten Somebody’s Day



Aug 2, 2018
I haven’t been on here in awhile simply because it scared me. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with early periodontal disease in August and since then, I had my deep cleaning the following month in two separate appointments. I went back two weeks ago for a check up teeth polishing and my gums are doing great! I don’t have any residual plaque/tartar and my pockets are getting smaller. My gums are no longer inflamed. Although, I have a very small bit of recession at the bottom which may or may not require a gum graft. They want to monitor it until next month and then they will let me know. I go back next month for my fillings (I need 6) and my perio maintenance.!

What I have done is change my daily oral hygiene. I bought a $100 Oral b electric toothbrush that syncs to my phone. I brush twice a day, floss as needed, rinse with listerine and salt water twice a day and waterpik once a day. My confidence has really gone up and although I was afraid of the diagnosis, I know that I’m going to be okay!

These are after pictures! My buildup was HORRIBLE! I hadn’t seen a dentist in 20+ years until this August

Hello to those that knew my story!!!


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