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I have a dry socket! Afer care advice please!



Junior member
Feb 5, 2008
Well, on the day of extraction [exactly a week ago] my blood clot came out and I have been expecting a dry socket ever since! I did everything to prevent it and thought I must be out of the woods a week later but today I was in a significant amount of pain and so went back to the hospital. They confirmed dry socket and packed it for me. It doesn't hurt me now! Hurrah! Anyway, my question is - can I eat and drink yet? Do I have to treat it as if as I have just had the tooth out and only eat soft stuff for a while? I was advised by the dental nurse not to use corsodyl or salt mouthwashes for a day or so and therefore I'm concerned about eating and not getting rid of any loose bits of debris. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
What did they pack it with? That will probably have some effect in how it should be treated. In either case, I think you should 1) Call your dentist or the hospital and ask how to take care of it and 2) Do eat and drink carefully until you're told what's OK.

Hope everything works out.
I have no idea what they packed it with but they said it wouldn't need replacing. However, it came out last night and I'm going back to the hospita this afternoon to try and get it sorted. At least I'm not in pain so that's something!
I would say yes, do similar things just as if you had a tooth removed, that is try not to rinse too much with anything. Avoid brushing in the area and chew on the opposite side. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.