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I have a month before I have to worry, but I'm already in tears



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Jul 13, 2016
In a month I have to have two small cavities filled (and then one more two weeks after.)

My only experience with getting fillings was in middle school where I could never seem to get numb enough (even after having six shots and a few more sprinkled in during the procedure.) These were huge cavities though. They even hurt if I ate ANYTHING! Since this I have been beyond terrified to have anything done (even a cleaning) at the dentist.

The three cavities I have now are super tiny. Just the size of the period at the end of the this sentence. They don't hurt at all right now, I can even put ice cream directly on them without pain!

Of course, me being me, I looked up "getting small cavities filled" on Google and started to cry. The idea of it terrifies me. It's not the needle (since for almost two years I went to Saint Judes so I'm used to needles big and small.) I don't really know what actually scares me about it.

The dentist I'm going to has been able to numb my grandma, who is harder to numb than I am, which is great! However, I'm still terrified that it's going to hurt. I plan on bring my iPod or Kindle (so I can listen to music or listen to Avengers:Age of Ultron/Captain Ameria: The Winter Soldier.) and taking two Tylenol beforehand. Is there anything more that I can do to ease my nerves about this?


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

I am hoping you are still looking in here, sorry I didn't get back sooner to you. You can have a word with the dentist and make them aware of your fear and why. Agree that if they cannot get you numb so that you don't feel anything they won't proceed. Even if they start they can end the session and have you return later and try again. You are not trapped in the chair and can ask them to finish and leave at any time. You are in charge and have to give your consent for them to do any treatment and this includes even looking at your teeth. Even if they have given you an injection or more you can change your mind if you are not able to cope with the procedure.

Once you feel you can trust the dentist then things will become a lot easier to deal with. Dentists have changed from the days when they told us to just suck it up and let them finish what they are doing. They consider how we feel and will do all they can to make sure treatment is pain free and we are comfortable. If this isn't the case then leave and find someone that will treat you as you deserve to be treated.

It is not easy but it is possible to work with them so that they can help us. :butterfly: