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I have Denture & Partial Dilemma~HELP!



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Jun 25, 2010
I have Denture & Partial NIGHTMARE ~Please HELP!

:cry:I'm truly sad & at my wits end on what I should do next about my current situation...
I had all my teeth removed on top 7 1/2 weeks ago, & all but 6 teeth were also removed from the bottom.

I got a Denture on top, & a Partial piece for the bottom. & I might add I was without teeth for 5 weeks, no temporary, nada nothing!!!

I got the top Denture 5 weeks later, being 2 1/2 weeks back, & a week following I got the bottom partial, being a week & a half back...

My top denture at first was sorta fine, being MORE that is with the feel of it, BUT the appearance,well thats a whole different story, as they oddly made them extremely different looking from one side of the top denture to the other side, as both sides of the teeth are VERY different in tooth size & even in style/appearance, & even one side even goes in quite a bit, like it is caved in, whereas the other side does NOT at all appear nor does cave in, but I must point out that is NOT at all like how my natural teeth/jaw was, so I was/am confused & a even of course shocked by that aspect in itself. But the feel of the top denture at first felt okay, even though I never was able then, or even now after 2 relines in just a couple of weeks time, have been able wear them without instead tons of denture cream to hold it in.

I also was told before they removed my natural teeth the steps I would be going through, where I recall them telling me I would be on 1 appt coming in for a bite impression, where I guess I would bite into some wafer like thing. Well I got the main overall impression, BUT never did I have a bite impression,as I didn't at all bit into anything, so does anyone know if that is why perhaps my top denture doesnt fit well? ya know perhaps because they skipped that bite impression step I was told prior to expect...

I might add as well here, that my bottom partial when IN doesnt align at all with my top teeth, & it is NOT only very painful to wear, but it hurts a great deal to EAT with the bottom piece in.
I typically have a small overbite too, that is still present of course when my top denture is in, BUT as soon as I put in the bottom partial piece I no longer have that overbite, & like I already mentioned it doesnt at all align with my top teeth.

I would like to add here too, that when I went in a few days back for this second relign he messed something up obviously, cause I recall him mixing some products that he filled my denture with, & then how he took my denture into another room, where he said it had to be in some device that Will dry it or whatever that was for 10 minutes, when he returned to the examination room he went to put it back into my mouth, & IMMEDIATELY I noticed my denture had this gritty sand paper coating, being over the entire piece, including the front teeth areas, I told him what I felt, so he took it into another room, where he said he will grind/buff it out, which I heard some grinder thing going, but anyways he made 3 trips back & forth to that grinder/buffer room after I kept telling him how overaly coated it still was w/this gritty sandy texture, only to notice after his 3rd trip to the buffer room, with lil success of that sandy stuff being removed, I noticed the gloss that my denture used to have was hardly now present, & there was also some deep scratches, one being so bad & obvious & being on 1 of my front teeth, but I didn't notice that particuliar scratch until I got home.
Now, I have called the Dentist several times expressing my concerns, but sadly he always coldly & quickly stops me in mid sentence & tells me everything will be ok, & then he immediately hangs up the phone on me. LIKE is he serious, as I guess he senses my passive nature, or I should say he sees it & takes advantage of it. I really need to do something BUT just don't know the next step in all this...

I would like to add that I am 42 years old, & ever since the teeth have been removed my face has quickly caved in, in such a way that it has my own Mother, with whom is a denture wearer herself in absolute panic mode, as she says my face has taken TOO much of a dramatic change. She has worn hers already 8 years, & I have MORE of a caved in face change in just a few weeks than she has ever seen, even including on her own face.

I'm very traumatized by this whole ordeal & dont at all know what steps next I can take...
I need advice, suggestions, just overall anything that anyone here may be able to offer me in the advice department. afterall I am outright crushed by this whole ordeal :scared::o:mad:
so sorry so long...But thank you for reading my post here.
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It sounds like you need to go back to the dentist with a list of your questions and request some answers. Or else your relationship with this dentist has broken down irretrievably and you need to find another one.
Thanks Gordon for your helpful advice/input.... & I do realize at this point that I must & will go about seeking out another Dentist, for not only his opinions on these particuliar matters, but to also have a follow up evaulation as well. My jaw now is experiencing some issues too ontop of all this, so I will be seeing a specialized surgeon for that next Tuesday to see what they end up with, & then I will follow that appt up with 'another dentist'...I will definitely keep U posted on the updates.
Have a great day & a Fabulous 4th of July!!