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I have finally done everything and I am ready to be happy again!



Junior member
Aug 29, 2012
Hello, dear people! :hug5::jump::jump::jump:I am so so happy today because I have won this big battle with dental problems, and more importantly with the fear of dentists.

If someone wants to read my story, you can find it here.

I highly recommend reading it because it can be useful.
So, ever since the end of August, I went three times to the dentist. The first time was so difficult, I almost had a panic attack there, but I somehow managed to stay calm. :):jump:

I haven't been to the dentist's office since 2007. I am turning 19 in December and it was so difficult for me to see my friends with white, healthy teeth. I couldn't share my fear with anyone. Then, I found this magnificent place and I met some magnificent people who have helped me a loooooooot! I can't even describe how much.

I extracted my wisdom teeth, before that I had had all cavity removed and finally I had teeth whitening today! The dentist said that the effect of whitening should last 2-3 years and maybe even more. Today, my teeth are just as white as my skin is. I thought that my situation was much worse than it turned out. I only had 6 fillings on unvisible teeth and I also got rid od those wisdom teeth.:):):)
I won't lie to any of you. It was EXTREMELY difficult. I didn't feel the pain during the process, the worst part was entering to that place, then everything was easier.:):)
I am not only encouraging teenagers, I also want to encourage all the older people who are maybe reading this story and trying to find the power to arrange an appointment.

I had read lots of stories here and I realised that I was not lonely in this.

Special thanks to Kim, Aldrige, Steve In Cleveland, Patti, MC, and toucan for posting in my previous topic!
I will say a little prayer for all of you because you really helped me so so so much!:jump:

P.S. I am ready to live a new chapter of my life!:)
Best wishes to all of you!:clover::clover::clover:

Congratualtions!! well done to you!! :) I'm just starting my journey (just registered with the local dentist after over 15 years) I am completely terrified but hearing about people such as yourself who have come out the other side and so happy really is spurring me on!! thank you for sharing!! It really helps!!

Laura :)
Oh angie88, I only put one little message on your first thread, you did all the hard work yourself. You are an inspiration and I am so happy that you are so happy!:respect:CONGRATULATIONS!:respect:
Bless you Angie

I do so hope that you come back and visit us every now and again to see what mischief we have all been getting up to, but I am also extremely thankful that you can go forward with your life a much happier person and able to continue with the next chapter in your young life. You have brought a tear of happiness to my eyes, because I am just so darned chuffed that you have got through it all.

You take care hunni, and good on you.

Kim xx